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Time Off Cycle


Hey Everyone i just finished my second cycle with great results, it was a 12 week sus250 cycle with a dbol kickstart, i used hcg after week 3 and used adex after week 6. I am currently 3 weeks since my last injection so i have started my clomid regiment which will take 2 weeks to complete.

After my clomid is finished, how long would you recommend i should wait before starting another cycle, I've read on here Time on=Time off but i think 3 months sounds like a long ass time. My friend thats a bodybuilder said as soon as im done with the clomid it would be safe to hop right back on so as you can see im at a dillemma. My next cycle will probably consist of Anavar and Equipoise. Let me state, I am young, not married, but have had absolutley no labido problems at all ( I feel great).


2 weeks of pct?

Why bother coming off at all if youre going to do that.


how young?

I was actually somewhat curious about this myself...I've always ahered to the time on + pct = time off..

but say your blood test pre-cycle put your testosterone at 500 and your free test at some average-above average number..

and then you ran your cycle, and got another blood test 2-3 weeks after pct and your levels were restored to their prior height..would it be safe to run another cycle at that point (2-3 weeks after completing pct)?


Excuse me, im doing 4 weeks of pct not 2! sorry for the confusion.


you probably wont feel so great 2 weeks into that clomid. I have about 6 friends that have used it for pct all say they feel horrible, in fact my friend said friday that he was "clinical." plus only 2 weeks after a 12 week cycle, I've never heard of such a short pct. I'm with Bones why stop at all? Just stay on aas forever...


I was being sarcastic.



What is your friend's definition of 'safe'


I was being sarcastic with you.


His definition of safe is if you eyes arnt yellow and your not taking BP meds then your good to go. My def of safe is that my HPTA is totally back to normal with regular sperm count, I cant take any chances that i fully suppress my own testosterone.

Im gonna do more research but it looks like the majority thinks i should wait a couple months, i guess i will schedule my next cycle for around August 10........


Im in week 3 and i feel just as good today as I did when i was on. Ive lost a little weight and a little strength but nothing noticable. Maybe im just good at recovering.


I'm glad you're feeling good,

turns out my buddy that said he was "clinical", also had a huge pill mix up and switched his anastrozole with his anapolon. I'm thinking this a has a lot more to do with his recovery than the clomid.