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Time Off Between Cycles

Training - 11 years
Height 6’-2"
Weight 240 - 17% bf
Bench - 315x3, Dead 455x4 - Squat 315x3
Diet - Good to Great
Timeline - 60 weeks (16 weeks before
…starting any cycle in order
…to get training and diet in
…perfect order as well as
…drop down to 12-13% bodyfat)
Goal - Gain 15-20lb muscle,
…lose 25-30lb fat

My question is regarding 6-week cycles, everyone says to wait 6-weeks post cycle before starting another one. I am thinking about running Albuterol for 20 to 40 days post-cycle with benadryl for receptor recovery. Should I wait longer than 6 weeks post-cycle before starting a 2nd cycle because of cns fatigue? I was planning on waiting 16 weeks between them, but alot of people say that is too long.

My current plan is:
20 weeks - prep for cycle
6 weeks - cycle
6 weeks - pct and albuterol
9 weeks - general maintanence
6 weeks - cycle
6 weeks - pct and albuterol?
8 weeks - prepare for wedding/honeymoon

One more question is my timeline is based on a wedding and honeymoon, how long would everyone suggest I be clean before - based on sides/recovery?

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