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Time Off After Stasis-Taper?


Hi guys,

I'm wondering about time off after the stasis taper? I presume the time on = time off recommendation cannot apply here due to the long and slow pct.

I've read a thread quite some time ago where a fairly advanced guy (cannot remember who) laid out 2 long cycles with a stasis taper for each and no time off between.

From experience is time off needed? Personally i wouldnt like to risk going straight back on but i'd like to hear some views from you guys.





Any imput, even educated guesses would be great.




I think I recall reading that you don't need to stay "off" after you completely taper off, I would still wait for someone else to confirm, though.


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I stayed on for (I can't remember exactly) between 9-12 months a few years ago (not ideal I know) and I tapered off using a SERM (I tapered off after a 12 week cycle with no SERM and my recovery was worse than a 9-12 month cycle with taper and a SERM) and it took me a good 9 months to feel fully recovered and I actually stayed off for just over 12 months. I didn't have blood work done, which is obviously the 'acid test' so I always gauged my recovery by my libido.

I remember prisoner saying in his thread that the six weeks on 100mg a week can be counted as time off, and the additional tapering down weeks, the 90,80,70.,60,60mg... per weeks until off are also obviously counted as weeks off.

I also came off after 9 months with only a SERM pct, which was similarly successful to the taper (I came off quickly due to skin problems) so from experience I believe that, at least for me the SERM aspect of the taper is very important. I personally wouldn't consider a taper necessary for a 3 month cycle, Westclock laid out his own PCT recently which is well worth reading.

How long do you plan staying on for before coming 'off' using the taper?

In answer to your question though time off is as long as it takes you to recover properly, this is down to the individual and the choice of steroids used (at least for me-and I've never used Deca) So to gauge this properly as BBB says you need to have blood work done.

It takes great self discipline to keep coming off and staying off, I think its also down to the individuals capacity to recover (if you recover t production fully every time you come 'off' being off won't be a problem, but take the word of a HRT patient, if you feel your PCT hasn't been 100% effective, DO NOT think 'fuck it' and go back on, unless you plan on NEEDING to stay back on PERMANENTLY.

I would go as far to say that some peoples endocrine systems are just tougher than others so PCT is simply more effective on some people than others, but there's only one way to find out...


Did you go onto HRT after doing too many cycles? If so, have you heard about triptorelin being used to restart the HTPA? Have any of you other guys heard of this and what do you think?


Thanks bushy, just what i wanted to know. I have another question so, in theory you should be recovered after, cool. But What about the difference between a 12 week and say, a 20 week cycle.

In theory should you be recovered from both of these the same after the same stasis taper pct? Or what changes should someone coming off the longer cycle make or what differences will there be in their recovery?

A lot of people advocate three 8week cycles a year over two 12week cycles a year with the time on=time off rule of thumb after serm pct. Surely the stasis taper cannot allow you to increase your annual time on every year if you're recovered after it? (am i making sense at all?)