Time Off After Cycle

I am wondering what others opinions are about taking tme off training during pct. Since the body is in such a catabolic state is this an educated idea? experiences are appreciated.

I often take a week or so off after a long cycle, in my first week/10 days of pct. This probably has more to do with me usually just ending a month or so of training on a certain program and upon completion I usually take a week off. I don’t know what it has done, but I feel better when I go back to the gym after a break. Ie. more enthusiasim. I think it’s a good idea.

i cut back my training frequency by about 50% during PCT. still going heavy, but much less volume. quick and intense workouts. seems to work for me.

I have tried every method, and the best I recommend is to use a taper at the end of your cycle, which will eliminate the possibility of a ‘test crash’ which would put you in a catabolic state.
During this taper, continue working out as before.

The best taper I have used is a combo of masteron and testosterone, used in levels starting at 200mg per week, and slowly tapering off to nothing over a period of 4-6 weeks. No aromatase inhibitors, no hcg, no clomid or nolva or anything else is needed.