Time Off After Cataract Surgery

Just has new lense installed this past Monday and wondering what others have done as far as time off or just going lighter for a few weeks or just getting back to it. Of course doc says take a month off but that’s not gonna happen. Thanks in advance.

Just stay active and dont skip your protein, you’re not going to lose really any muscle and you’re not putting up the risk of leaking eyeball juice everywhere.

If you really can’t stay away, just do pump work. It’ll give you stimulation, maybe even a little progress (because pump work is often overlooked), and it’s all lightweight so there’s even less risk of screwing up your surgery. I certainly wouldn’t do this until at least the first week is up.
DISCLAIMER: this is not medical advice, you should listen to your doctor.

Thanks for replying but I’m looking for advise from someone who has actually had the surgery. The plan is to do just pump work and cardio for now. I also have the other eye in two weeks so this prolongs everything.

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It is great that you are staying active through this. I have worked with many patients over the years post-cataract surgery very successfully.
The general rule is to keep the pressures of the eye low. Sounds like you are trying to do that already. As for time to heal and restrict pressures (thus loads), is about 5-8weeks. However, the surgeon knows his technique best and the outcomes, so consult them.
Lastly, FYI, cataracts, outside of injury, are very much linked and a symptom of metabolic dysfunction and insulin resistance. Get or have your Dr. do an insulin response test for you. Might even help make your training in significant ways.
Keep lifting! - Doc