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Time of injection

I haven’t really found anything specifically answering this question, so i just thought i would throw it outthere for my own piece of mind. I go to the gym straight from work, and like most, my gym is not the safest or cleanest place to inject. My question is, am i still okay if I inject after my morning shower (6am) and I can’t get to the gym until (6pm)???
When is (in your opinion) is the best time to inject, compared to the time you are able to make it to the gym, or does it matter?
Thanks guys, I have gained so much knowledge from just reading and the help that you guys provide.

There is no best time unless you are using suspension. I try to keep my short acting esters injected every 24 hours, just to keep blood levels steady. Other than that, inject when you can. Steroids do not work that fast, what is injected today, may not start to really work or kick till a few days from now, depending on esters. Dont do your shots at the gym in a dirty locker room or bahroom. Do them at home where you can be comfortable, and use safe and sanitary procedures.

I personally try to inject the same time every day when using anything that is fast acting, without an ester, in a water-base, etc. I apply this rule to Winny and Suspension.

When talking about insulin and HGH, it gets alittle more complicated. Timing with these substances means EVERYTHING. Being off with diet or injection timing with insulin could mean DEATH!

jt gave you good advice. my cycles seem to always require ED injections anyways, so it makes it easy for me to maintain maximum blood concentrations throughout. i like injecting first thing in the AM after my shower. skin is soft and muscles are relaxed. plus it gets me psyched up for my day.

Something to thing about here bro. KEEP IT OUT OF THE GYMN. There is a risk factor involved here. Getting caught with it in your possesion for one. Transporting it. Too many things. Of course nobody plans on getting pulled over on their way to the gymn or way home from work. Too much at stake if you know what I mean, why risk it. If it is at home you are MORE SAFE and secure just keep that in your head. Not being paranoid, just food for thought.

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