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Time Magazine: Exercise Not Important to Weight Loss


For the love of all that is holy...

Time Magazine puts out a cover story this week saying, basically, that exercising isn't important for weight loss.

There are tons of members here that can articulate all the things that are wrong about this much better than I can, so I'm just going to throw this proverbial piece of meat to the wolves.



It was funny watching them try to make this guy slip up in his words about this. I didn't agree with the fact when he said "After they go for a run they you know get a Starbucks or a OJ and bagel they just contradicted what they did..." on similar lines. However, this is a yes and no really when you eat that bagel and or OJ you are replacing necessary glycogen that he/she expended during the run. It's like he says implying don't eat after you exercise? LOL.


Here is the print article I assume...




It seems like the research cited in the article supports that, to lose weight, you need to exercise MORE, not less.

No shit.

But the way the headline is framed, and the way the editor presents the argument in the video segment, is that, well, you might as well not even bother. Because "if you jog for 30 minutes, then eat a muffin and some OJ, you just negated it." Not much different than saying, "if you walk to the cupboard and get a dozen donuts and eat them, well, by golly, you just negated your walk."

Seriously? This is how we portray information?

Again, so many things wrong with this. Trying to distill information for the consumption of the lowest common denominator IQ, doing everything ELSE possible but telling people to "get off your fat ass..."

Then you have douchebags like Scarborough saying "look at me, I said don't work out, and I was RIGHT!"

Oh, did I say I wasn't going to chime in? Oops.


They are right to some degree but wrong on their conclusion. The average person thinks "moderate exercise" is walking around the block...or sitting on exercise equipment yet not breaking a sweat. I get strange looks from old people in the gym like I am trying too hard. No, "exercise" like that won't help someone drastically change ow they look...because they aren't fucking working hard enough!!

That doesn't mean exercise is useless, it means quit training like pussies and you may actually achieve something.

The average woman in a gym is not training hard. They avoid weights and act like everything is too hard.


Wait a minute! Nutrition is the biggest factor in body composition? WHAT THE FUCK!?! I've never heard this before...


TIME is a propoganda machine. Someone put them up to saying that, probably a drug company.


The woman had barely anything to say during that whole interview. Arms crossed for most of it. She obviously disagreed with it all.

There is a certain amount of truth to this study. The truth is that diet is important. As we all know, most overweight people can lose weight by simply cutting out junk food and replacing it with healthy, clean foods without any exercise. At some point however, they will plateau. What then? Stop eating altogether? That is plain stupidity.


This should have been titled

"Attention fat people: Walking for 20 minutes on the treadmill will not erase the 7000 calories of bullshit you ate today!" or something like that.


Probably right. Wouldn't be surprised if, on the opposite page of this article, is an Ad for the newest weight loss wonderdrug.


You know what this is? This is just telling the fat, ignorant masses exactly what they want to hear. Its the same as the "eat all you want, and still lose weight" diet pill commercials. Its just drug companies catering to a society addicted to the "quick fix", a society that spends more time thinking up ways to avoid hard work, than actually doing it.


It is absolutely baffling that somebody reading that study could have drawn the conclusion that the article did. The study by John Jakicic is actually kind of awesome. Read the following quotes, just from the Time Magazine article:

"A study published July 28 in the Archives of Internal Medicine adds to the burgeoning scientific consensus: when it comes to exercise for weight loss, more is better. It suggests that obese people would have to exercise at least an hour at a time to see any significant difference in their weight."

"By the end of the 24-month intervention, the women who managed to lose at least 10% of their starting body weight (which was, on average, about 193 lbs.) â?? and keep it off â?? were exercising twice as long as health authorities typically recommend and expending more than twice as many calories through exercise as women who had no change in body weight. The biggest weight losers were active a full 68 minutes a day, five days a week"

"Indeed, exercise was more strongly associated with weight loss than any other factor, including diet. Overall, the more the women exercised, the more weight they lost."

"More than half of the study participants managed to lose at least 10% of their body weight within the first six months."

It boggles my mind that somebody could possibly have talked with John Jakicic and drawn the conclusions that this Stengel character did. It is really kind of sad because if Time would have handled this story properly, it could have really put out a great message to the American public. The study is absolutely unequivocal in its conclusion that more exercise = more weight loss and yet Time manages to publish the article they did?

I am dumbfounded.


And when the end comes, I'm gonna be Conan and they'll be the people eaten by lions.


Cant it be said in its simplest terms that you can lose weight if you decrease your caloric intake, now Im not saying you will be in shape, I know plenty of skinny people that are not in good shape but you can lose weight dieting, right? It seems as if this is all they are saying. I would also think that exercise would increase weight and fat loss in conjucntion with diet, Im certainly being captain obvious here but they did not portray that in the video.


Exactly how I felt. Glad I'm not the only one.



And look, I don't expect Time Magazine to be some fitness experts. I expect them to essentially talk to whatever professional has an interesting study and convinces Time they are an expert. I expect them to take some generic quotes and draw bland conclusions and tie it into something easily digestible for the masses.

However, it says directly in the article that, "Indeed, exercise was more strongly associated with weight loss than any other factor, including diet. Overall, the more the women exercised, the more weight they lost."

How can any educated human being read those two sentences and possibly conclude that exercise is worthless? It makes me wonder if anybody interviewing Stengel at NBC had even read the article!


Yet again, the mass media blows shit way out of proportion. Now all the fatass land whales of the world are going to think that they should cancel their gym memberships and eat one less twinkie a day to get thin.

Oh, and to the jackass that says muscle burns just a little more energy than fat? I have four letters for you. EPOC, motherfucker. A muscle damaged by exercise has to take in hundreds of calories to repair itself in a day.

Fucking incredible. Where will they go next? The Hostess diet?


They're not acting with me.


Its a sad statement on the state of the journalism world... But it the mind, attitude, and habits of the general public it would have made exactly zero difference had they got the story 100% right.

Its very simple... Look at what the "fittest" people in the world do (arguably Body Builders): Tightly controlled diets and huge amounts of energy expenditure.

Really the only word to say here is just Sad.