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Time Goals in Forever Programs

There are a number of programs in the new book that have targets for completing the workouts in a certain amount of time. The first place it is mentioned is the Beginner Prep School Program. It says the times are based on the two main lifts and the supplemental lifts. I know the jumps/warm-up/mobility are not included, but are the warm-up sets for the main lifts excluded as well?

Sorry if this is a stupid question…

No, the warm-ups are included.

Thanks Jim!

Apologies for reviving a super old thread but figured it would be better than starting a new thread, given the relevancy.

Assuming we keep a running clock, how long from start to finish should we be targeting to finish a Beginner Prep School session? I’m talking warm-up/mobility, jumps/throws, 11 sets of 5 reps (includes three warm-up sets) for lift 1, another 11x5 for lift 2, the time for switching plates over the 22 sets, bodyweight exercises between every set, and the 3-5 sets of assistance work at the end? At the beginning, I was a hot mess trying to get anywhere close to finishing; having followed the program on and off for six months, I can now complete everything with minimal rest in just under 70 minutes. Having skimmed many of the other programs in 5/3/1 Forever, I won’t lie that they ‘appear’ to be easier on paper, at least in terms of total number of sets (most seem to focus on one main lift per day as opposed to two for BPS). It’s been humbling building up the work capacity - just want to make sure I haven’t misinterpreted the program as intended.

Much thanks in advance.

For a BBB workout, including the warm ups and supersetting all assistance, it takes about 40 - 45 minutes. With mobility, warm ups, and jumps/throws, it’s about 1 hour for me. I know this is a different set up than Beginner Prep school, but figured I’d throw this in there for reference.

Mobility and warm up and throws = 15 minutes or so. 5 minutes on airdyne, some bodyweight work with mobility drills, and 2-3x5 throws.

Main lift and warm up sets, with supersetted assistance: about 15 - 20 minutes.
BBB sets with superstted assistance: about 20 -25 minutes.

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Total = an hour ar most (give or take).

My entire workouts take me about half an hour to 45 minutes.

Three minutes of skipping.
Three minutes of Mobility consisting of forward and side lunges, push ups and pull ups.
Warmup sets six minutes. One minute on one minute rest.
Main sets nine minutes. One minute on two minutes rest.
Five sets of FSL etc. one on two rest. Fifteen minutes
Workout done unless if superset. If not do push, pull, core as a circuit. Ten minutes max

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