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Time From Inject to Peak?

Hi Guy’s,

I’ve been at this for a little over a year and am pretty happy but always looking to refine the protocol.

I’m looking for the true peak time for TC. All the info I read and charts I see vary from 24 hours to 72. Is there a more refined time? Most of the charts I see look like copies of other charts.

Your thoughts or comments are appreciated. I inject twice a week but might move to 3 times a week. Looking for the best feeling on the weekend. Right now I inject 60mg Wed Am and again Sat night.

This chart shows peak about 24-36 hours after 200mg shot

It varies by individual. My peak occurs at between 40 and 42 hours after a shot.

But not 72 hours. Thanks.

Most of the charts you see come from these two sources. While the studies are relatively small and the data old, they do give us good insight into when peak levels occur.

The first chart is an adaptation I made of the data published by Behrer, etal. 1998, I converted the published Nmol/L to units more commonly used in the USA. I also did image analysis of their graph to calculate average weekly levels and the peak to nadir range with a 7 day injection protocol (though I recommend more frequent intervals). The data compares T-cyp to T-eth and shows that the two are pretty much interchangeable in TRT protocols. Peak levels occure approximately 24-48 hours after the injection.

The second graph shows the same pharmakinetics of a singe dose of T-prop. It peaks faster at approximately 12 hours post-injection and releases it’s T much more quickly.

Thanks for posting that.