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Time for Westside Training?



I've recently(the past 6 months) got into powerlifting, and hope to compete in the near future, im about to run a second cycle of Korte's 3x3 after adding decent amounts the first time round, however, after this do you guys think training with the westside principles would be more advantageous to me considering my lifts?

Current 1rms:
Squat 420lbs
Bench 315lbs
Deadlift 465lbs



If you're planning to compete in multi-ply, possibly. Still probably not.

Otherwise, I can't imagine a scenario where I'd think that was a good idea. I know there are a few who will disagree, so ultimately do what you believe in.

Training the lifts always works.


I like Wendler 531 or 351 whichever. I know alot of guys who have made awesome gains on Wendler -strongman and powerlifting.


I'd recommend reading the westside method threads. also don't be afraid to change things. like box squats to free squats. If you want to train westside and enjoy training that way, you will have a lot more luck than running something you don't like or don't believe in.


Budreiser what fed are you in? I think ive seen you before lol


Might be more than just a few who disagree with you.

OP, you'll come across plenty of people who claim conjugate style training is no good for raw lifters, no good for drug-free lifters etc. Ignore them. They've either never taken the time and commitment to try it themselves, or they failed miserably in identifying what works well for them, their weaknesses, etc.

Yes, it will require a lot more thought from you, a lot more reading, and it's constantly a learning process. But Louie's methods of training have provided great success for lifters across the spectrum. Plus maxing out on a variation twice a week is just plain awesome.

Give it a shot. Definitely read the westside method threads, they have lots of helpful information. Louie has a ton of free articles on his website that are worth checking out as well. Some are a little dated (his methods are always evolving based on what he learns in his gym) and he kind of sucks at organizing his thoughts clearly, but keep reading and keep at it, his training knowledge is really unmatched.


Thanks for the replies, ill read up on
westside and decide where to go from there


I know I keep bumping this thread, but it is good:


Westside is all about identifying weaknesses and addressing those weaknesses with certain exercises. Raw and geared lifters just have different weaknesses and different exercises that will address those weaknesses.


Plenty of people fuck up with every type of training. As far as "identifying what works well for us," plenty of us have, and that's treating the lifts as skills and practicing them frequently.

"Weaknesses" or "weak points" or "sticking points" or whatever you want to call them are seldom problem muscle groups. They're force curve deficiencies that you have to address with the right training parameters. Maybe that's a variation of the main lift, but usually it's knowing how to manage the volume/intensity of the main lift.

Again, none of this means much if you don't believe in your training, so if you read Louie's articles and you believe those ideas will work for you, pour yourself into it.


FWIW, I got into powerlifting late in life - I trained Raw and natural if that matters- some would argue that WS only works for gear whore juice heads, which is bullshit. I had great success with 'West-Side'. I put that in quotes because I've never been to WS and never will. The training was based on reading everything I could on the subject. Mostly from other forums where dudes who actually train at WS or had trained there discuss the methodology.

I'd recommed that you look into those forums if you want to excel at WS because most on this site know little of the system, and I'll put myslef in this category too to be fair. In my experience, West-side can be stoopid simple or it can be super confusing depending on how far you want to go with it. I kept my training simple and basic. The key for me was being honest with myself and constantly working on 'weaknesses'.

Weaknesses come in many forms. West-side can be thought of as the thinking mans training. A pitfall of that is some may not know how to critically think for themselves which in turn may lead to less than stellar performances. For example they may stall 2-3" off the chest as most raw guys do so maybe they blast 2 board presses. Maybe they get good at them only to find they still suck off the chest. Then they say WS doesn't work.

As with any training system believing in it and actually doing it consistantly should garner results. That sounds simple but some people can't seem to do those 2 simple things.
I wrote all that to say why not give it a shot? Develop a plan and stick to it for 6 months. I'd be willing to bet you'll be pleased with the results.


I'm currently running the 5/3/1, it's fun and straight to the point. But I have also run the CUBE method (Brandon Lilly) but I used westside percentages. i.e. on ME days I always worked on 90% or above and used chains for accommodating resistance. I loved the freedom that the system gives you, but there are a few things I would keep in mind when applying the westside method if you're a raw lifter:

I'd replace board pressing with either an Incline press, full press, dumbbell press, close grip, floor press.. hell even a reverse press if you wanted too.

For the first cycle - don't get too caught up in bands and chains. If you've got them and know how to load them properly - then fill your boots!

On my first cycle, I spend too much time changing assistance exercises that I never really found any that worked or that I got good at. So pick exercises that help you, and run with it.

That's my experience with it, for what it's worth.

"To adapt to training is never to adapt" - Louie Simmons


I don't compete because I'm always injured but I go to adau/100% raw meets if they're in northwest Pa


Holy shit adau is still around? I had no idea ive been competing at these damn push pull meets lmao one in somerset pa actually had 3 lift meet but it wasnt sanctioned....


Id be happy if there was a fed that actually had 3 lift meets in this part of the state. I think the adau joined up with 100% raw


Go for it, these templates will build raw strength...




Im raw also only belt no wraps or straps


if you are thinking of westside, please try the cube method for at least 6 months first then re think if you want to try westside.


ill look into it, thanks

thanks everyone for the replies