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Time for Test Levels to Fall


My TRT dosage is 100mg/week of Test Cyp. How long would I need to wait after using 400mg/week of Test E for my levels to fall back to what they should be on TRT? I have a blood draw scheduled with my doc, and I am wondering if I gave it long enough. Its been 4 weeks.


hi, I want to ask the same sort of question, I'm currently on 2 saches of test gel per day but I want to add in sustain 250 and primobolan 100, my next appointment to see the doctor for my bloods is 2 month time, I want to add sust at 1 ml per week and primo at 1ml per week, how long would I havetowateforbloods to stablise ?? thanks


4 weeks should be plenty of time. Since the typical waiting period is 3-4 weeks to begin PCT (levels being very low at end of that waiting period in order to get your HPTA back up and running), I'm 99% sure you are golden.