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Time For Test E to Start Working

I just took my first 250mg of test E in the quad…

I have some Dbol wich was included on this cycle to “kick start” everything but my question is how long does Test E take to start on its own?? I will ramp up Cals slowly within this week to 5000 a day give or take 2- 3 hundred
either way .

My diet consists mainly of eggs, cottage cheese, Oatmeal, white rice <20 pound bag>,, Cheap beef

Banannas, Raisns,apples, and 12000mg of fish oil along with broccoli and cauliflower “florrets” and 10 servings of protien 250 grams whey in that alone. < total 380 - 400 grams of protein a day >

I will use 40g BCAA 20 15 min before work out and another 20 on last 1/3 of work out wich from what I have on paper at this point will be over 2 1/2 hours long. In a week I will hit the entire body 4 times and save one entire day for Arms and traps.

It takes 4-5 weeks for the test to kick in.

4- 5 weeks??? Holy cow ! Wow I need to find some prop. Dbol it is for now.

[quote]OUToftheBOX wrote:
4- 5 weeks??? Holy cow ! Wow I need to find some prop. Dbol it is for now.[/quote]

What do you mean “Holy Cow”?? If you didnt know this then you should really be using the gear! IMO

Now with that being said Dbol will work just fine to kick start a Test E cycle. You won’t need any Prop. I just hope you have enough Dbol and what about PCT? do you have that lined up or not?

I was under the impression thet test E would take 2-3 weeks to kick in but 4-5 weeks is really no big deal just a suprise … and I have even thought of just holding off on the dbol for a few weeks and just listen to my body and see when I feel the 500mg of test start. It takes some patience but its all good…

I have 200 5mg tabs of dbol I have 160 20mg tabs of Tamoxifen citrate
I have clomid 30 50mg tabs.
proviron 40 25mg tabs.
But I will be using the test taper and have the PCT as a precaution. why use it if I dont have to .

I have asked once what a test taper from 500mg of test E would look like as I have also heard that 12 weeks isnt necessary with only 500mg of test E at a 12 week cycle.

I will have plenty for a 12 week taper at any rate. I would consider Time comming down from 80 - 70 - 60 - 50 ect as time off. But not the 100mg/wk for 6weeks.I will get some HGC to use at the last injection of 500mg and another at the last injection of 100mg before comming back down. to keep the boys up to size and ready.