Time for sum akshun

I’ve noticed that this forum has slowed up a bit, well, not really, just not the usual posts of “hey, (insert T-mag Contributor) has just posted a program, anyone agree or disagree before I try it?” I’ve been guilty of it as well. I’m gonna use this thread to hold me accountable. Not necesarily because I care what anyone thinks (with the exception of a few), but because by stating (sp) my goals and training, I now have to do it or be shown to be a faliure, which I can’t stand for anything. Ok, on to the point of the post.

I’m a Marine and I put on some weight before coming out here to Japan (Iwakuni if anyone cares). I’m 215 at 72" where my max is 203, so I have to drop some weight. Easy enough, since my training has been off and on, I’m gonna use the Beginner’s blast off program, Eat like a man, and do 20 min run after workouts, 30 min elliptical on non lift days. That’s it, simple enough. Once my shipment of Hot-Rox gets here I will incorporate that. 6 weeks is the time frame and lose 15lbs is the goal. I do run a first class PFT but this should bring it up a bit. Yes, if my MOS was more physical, I’d choose a different approach. Any comments and or support welcome. I’ll try to update weekly.

Besides being a get in gear start, one, the Marine Corps is very image oriented, hence the aesthetics goal rather than performance (right now). Plus, I’m away from home for a year and I want my wife (I got married March 2nd) to be suprised, plus, I have to shut some people up. So right now, I guess my periodization is 6 weeks fat loss, four weeks maintenance/performance (I’m gonna try to bump up pull ups, drop run time, and incorporate JB’s 7 habits advice), and then, when I’m around 190, start on some mass/strength a la Waterbury/Park. I’m trying to make Corporal in 6 months so I really have to bump up PFT since I can’t go to the range out here. Plus, i feel an NCO should have a look to them and perform at a certain level. Well, I feel NCO’s should be warrior nerds and I’ll post the academic stuff in off topic. So, any advice from former Marines/military or anyone or again, any support, mucho appreciato, or as they say in Japan… I dont’ know actually, still learning the language.

I’m glad you posted, best of luck in hitting your goals!

Beautiful man, I agree that more goals should be posted, they become actual goals when they are written down and have people that will call you down for not putting forth the effort required.

But if you are going to be on HOT-ROX and you have 6 weeks to lose 15lbs, I dont know your genetics or anything, but that shouldn’t be difficult at all. So the only thing I am going to question is this; Why aren’t you going for Mass/Strength right away. My first training partner went from 212lbs to 178lbs in 10 weeks with only a standard size/strength regimen and ephedra. and HOT-ROX are supposed to blow ephedra away.

But like I said, I don’t know your genetics, and you gotta do whats right for you. Also check out Christians Running Man article, it is chock full of goodness. Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Semper Fi, Devil Dog!

I would keep up your cardio, so you PFT score doesn’t drop and incorporate some strength training while lowering your calories. Follow the T-Dawg 2.0, and lift heavy!

If you have any Grunt units nearby, try and find out when they are humping. It will normally be on a Friday and Saturday is a makeup for Hump drops. Ask if they’ll let you hump on Saturday with the Drops. Humping not only kicks your ass physically, it will strengthen you mentally as well to meet the task at hand.

Anyways, overseas is the time to do it. I don’t envy you having to do a year at a time, we only had to do 6 month pumps…

Thank you for replying. As for the current goal, one, MCO says I can be no more than a max of 203 at 72". Also, I’m only stating 15lbs because I am just going for a modest lost. If I state a number too high, I tend to discourage myself when I’m not hitting the “calculated” amount I should be losing each week. Plus, there may not be anything special about this diet (low carb). It’s worked for me before, but maybe because I’ve actually stuck to it. I only lost 15lbs in 13 weeks of boot camp and that was standard low fat fare, well, actually, not really. But I did increase my fruit intake and my kidney bean consummage (is that even a word?). But, I owe it to myself to try it with a structured weight training and cardio program. Plus, I don’t know if it’s because I over did it or I’ve become deconditioned, but I think I fucked up my hamstring along the way. Sprints kill it. So I want to take this time to ease into it and actually show myself that I can stick to a program. Then, I will build on that base, but I will definitely be pulling ideas from the running man article.

BB…you’re taking a good approach. Building on success is the way to go! Physical transformation is always more about willpower and discipline than it is about nit-picking on technique.

Good luck, bro!