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Time For Some Cuttin!

here’s the deal. i really want to drop some bf but i am very, very afraid of losing strength. i really don’t want all those hours spent in the gym under heavy ass weights wasted. i realize that it is inevitable to lose some strength in a cutting phase but i, just like everyone who cuts want to minimize that loss. so my questions to everyone are how would you go about it? keep caloric intake the same and start to add more cardio? drop caloric intake gradually? also what kind of program would you follow to try to keep the strength gains? lastly what supps would you use? oh yah i am 23,6’2", 276lbs and about 22%bf according to my scale but i’m not sure how accurate it is. i’ve been lifting for about seven years now. my training thus far has been dedicated completely to bulking because of football. any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated. thank you all.

Look into CT’s Mutation Series article and I think if you read it (all Three parts) you will have a better idea of what you want to do. If you need any help let me know.

The most important thing then will be go smart. Dont rush it. Go nice and slow losing a pound or two at the most per week. This is the best way to keep or gain strenght. It is when people want to Cut FAST or get to extrmem levels of BF% that they lose what they have built.

I say go for the above recomendation and or T-dawg 2. Also check out the dont diet diet

Just my 2 cc, good luck


thanks guys i appreciate the advice.