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Time for New Routine?

Wassup guys, got some help from some of you about a year ago with routines. I’ve followed Iron Addicts Simple Power based routine, and recently have been doing a 4 day split of:
Legs(Quads & Calves)/Back/Bis

I’ve seen good progress with this split, but I really want to get massive and bigger and have a body like Alpha on here. I haven’t added much weight to the bar for the past few months because I do 3x10 for my main compound lifts… My lifts right now are as follows:
Bench 210x10 reps
squat 205x10 reps
deadlift 210x10 reps

(at 153-155 lbs)

When I did this routine vs a strength routine I seem to look better and more aestetic. When I did a strength routine, low volume but lifted a lot of weighted I didn’t look as big and if anything more fat than muscle…

Which direction or routine would you recommend?

Stop posting and actually do.

You have been the same weight since you started posting here in June.

And also, re read the answers in your posts.

My original answer stands when you thought you had “milked” your program.

In case you are wondering, here is a hint: It’s not the program, it’s you.

Fair enough. However, i’ve lost bodyfat and gained some muscle although still being the same bodyweight.

Should I just do

this routine and try to progress on it? (along with adding deadlifts in there)

I have a secret. Lift heavy weights primarily emphasizing the target muscle. Eat quality food. Sleep soundly and consistently.
You bench more than you squat. You deadlift the same weight as you bench. Fix that. Not by lowering the amount you can bench, however.

Jeez, just eat some fucking food. When will people understand how simple it is?