Time for New Program. Suggestions?

hey guys,
last time I posted I just started a second run through of madcow’s 5x5 when I was talking about my squat max/deadlift being the same.
report back: currently week 7, cruising along.

i estimate my training maxes to be along the lines of
520/345/565 at the end of this whole shebang.

I don’t plan on ever competing, or at least not until i’m outta the military.

tldr; I think it’s time for a change. my deadlift isn’t moving along how it should. I believe the only reason i’ll touch 565 is because I switched to a full sumo, and last week I pulled 500x2 and it felt like a joke, could have done it 5+ times, probably.

I was looking into GZCL 9 Week UHF, but honestly i’m not sure if the whole linear thing is still right for me? i’m not sure what the cut off is for that sort of thing.

I am truly ignorant in most things weightlifting. I just like to go in the gym and hit heavy shit. i don’t mind reading things, but i just don’t like reading the wrong things, ya feel me?
anybody got any suggestions of a cookie cutter program that might fit me? or something I should look into? just want to get a head start so when I finish up and deload after these 12 weeks I can pick right back up.
appreciate the feed back in advance.

Some very solid numbers there man, what is your height/weight/years training?

Are you looking for a weightlifting program or more powerlifting focus?

I’m a big fan of 5/3/1 for most goals (that aren’t weightlifting, as in snatch/clean and jerk).
Many templates right here on this site for free or he has a few books floating around as well with more variations. I’m just about to dive into another cycle of 5/3/1 for Hardgainers.

I been lifting for sometime now. nothing serious or competitively outside of washing out of college football.
i’m 23, 6 1ish, about 210.
i’ve actually hit 500/340/535, but I won’t re test 1 reps for about another month.

5/3/1 looked nice. i’m gonna have to read that.
madcow5x5 is 3 days a week. and while i’m ok with that frequency I have always felt a little more gym time would be nice.
thanks for the suggestion, man!

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This is a good collection to choose from:


I ran GZCL UHF 5wk and really enjoyed it and my squat went up 35lbs. I never ran the 9wk, but I’d definitely recommend trying it.


solid. thanks man

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where can i see the madcow 5x5 program ?

sorry I didn’t reply earlier, I didn’t check my notifications.

that’s the link for where I got the spreadsheet from, I believe. it’s a basic 5x5 program with ramped sets increasing 2.5 percent each friday.

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531 is a good program. Tailor it to your needs but keep the basic principles when it comes to making progress on it - IMO especially the last set - gotta hit the required reps to keep moving on. I think you’ll thrive on that program based on your original post.

My only recommendation is if you do OHP instead of an extra bench day, I’d throw in some extra bench volume doing heavy flat db presses.

thanks for the tip brother