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Time for Knee Wraps?


I can't find the answer on here - so here goes:

After deadlifting and squatting, i feel my knees are 'sore'. I used to never get this in the lighter days. I keep a keen eye on my form so that is not the issue.

I currently deep squat 315 lbs and deadlift 365 lbs. I would like to keep my knees fully functional and injury free. I don't see a reason not to use them as a preventative medicine, but i just wanted your opinions.


18 Tips for Bulletproof Knees
by Mike Robertson

1) Purchase some knee sleeves.

I'll make this first one easy on you. Go out, buy some knee sleeves, and wear them every time you train your legs.

This could be quad-dominant day, hip-dominant day, "leg" day, or whatever you want to call it. Just put them on before the workout, warm-up thoroughly, and bask in the joy that healthy knees bring to you.



Will read! Thank you. I don't want to go through that nasty surgery :slight_smile:

Edit: any type of knee wraps? are there cheepo ones and good ones or it's all the same?


Knee wraps and knee sleeves are not the same. Get knee sleeves, I am partial to Rehband but they are not cheap. You can find them at jackalsgym.com


What's the difference between wraps and sleeves?

The only thing i could find is the heat retention in the sleeves


For bodybuilding purposes knee sleeves are good, tight knee wraps aren't. Sleeves keep your joint warm which help lubricating the internal parts of the joint. Wraps are a supportive help that help lifting more weight, they are by no mean an injury prevention tool. Plus, the pressure they provide on the patella isn't that healthy, it can disturb normal patellar tracking.

If you want injury free knees while squatting heavier and heavier, you're gonna knee more that sleeves to keep them healthy. Read the article ZYL281 talks about in his post and apply the tips.


I got both knee sleeves and knee wraps. If needed, i'll use both at the same time as branch warren does.

I'm still waiting for the sleeves to come in. thanks for the advice everyone.


I just got some TK knee sleeves and I love how they make my knees feel. Very happy that I bought them


I like the TK bands they make your knees extremely warm.


I got the ones just like in the picture: Original Rehband Knee Support. Will update you guys when they arrive.

ZY, what difference did you feel after using the sleeves?


My knees just feel fresh. The sleeves make my joint extremely warm. I've always taken warming up very seriously but my knees with the bands feel much better.


any of you that have ordered TK knee bands, have you had any issues with them at all? Some ppl have been reporting problems with the stitching being messed up. Let me know, thanks!


I can't wait!


Keep us updated on the knees. I have thought about getting some sort of "cheap" compression sleeve for my bad knee (ACL reconstructive surgery 3 years ago), but maybe I will invest in something a little nicer... I don't have knee pain now, even in the bad knee, but I suppose it never hurts to play it safe.


So i got the Rehband knee sleeve (singular)...

I payed almost 50$ with shipping and i only got a single one in the box? wtfunk?

is that right?

on another note, damn they feel good even when not working out... I've had em on for a few hours and it feels like i put WD40 on my knees.


Yes it is.


damn thats expensive


I have had great success with my store bought cheap sleeve but I am not squatting huge weights.


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That seems like a good idea.

On another note, can I get these elsewhere for cheaper? I mean they are worth their weight in gold but I'm just spending too much money on food, membership and BB'ing accessories... Just gotta manage my money more.