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Time for Cycling

I just finished my first cycle ever about 3 weeks ago with test enanthate @ 200 mg/wk. Pretty light, I know, but I’ve realized about a 15-20 lb gain from it. So, with that, I’m hooked.

I’m looking to compete as novice next March and want to squeeze in a building cycle and a cutting cycle before then (10 wks/on & off x2 should fit). For my building cycle I’m looking to do the following:

Wks 1-5
Test Enan - 400 mg/wk
Deca - 200 mg/wk
D-bol - 30 mg/day

Wks 6-10
Test Enan - 400 mg/wk
Deca - 200 mg/wk

Nolvadex, HCG

I’m considering Winstrol and Equipoise for my cutting cycle but haven’t planned it out just yet. Please let me know how the above cycle looks. Should I change it up in anyway?

Increase your Deca, frontload it, and come off of it earlier. You can even extend your Dbol use up to the end of week 6. So your cycle might look like this:

Week 1:
Enanthate - 400mg/week
Deca - 1200mg/week
Dbol - 30mg/day

Week 2 to 6:
Enanthate - 400mg/week
Deca - 600mg/week
Dbol - 30mg/day

Week 7 and 8:
Enanthate - 400mg/week
Deca - 600mg/week

Week 9 and 10:
Enanthate - 400mg/week

***Start PCT at about week 12. The reason for coming off the Deca earlier is so you don’t suffer from “Deca Dick”. Good luck.

you say 10 weeks on and then 10 weeks off. if you are using test and deca for 10 weeks you will not be off until week 13 or 14.

perosnally i would never use deca simply because of the boner issue. i would make that cycle test, eq, and d-bol. eq and deca are essentially the same drug except eq does not have the sides of deca.

as far as the cutter. what my “friend” plans on running soon is test prop/tren/winstrol. he will be using just enough test to make mr. winky happy. about 50mg/day.

i didnt see anything about anti-e’s during your cycle. tits are not cool, well unless your a girl.

also, do a search on the hcg thread started by ru12nvme.

MassNutrition: Forgive my ignorance but why so much Deca? 600mg/wk just seems like a lot not to count the 1.2g frontload.

P-DOG: Thanks for the suggestion on the eq. I’ll definitely look into that. I’m planning for 10mg/day Nolvadex as my anti-e during the cycle. I’m still hunting for that hcg thread…

If I were to switch out the deca for eq, what would be a good dosage for such a cycle and do I need to frontload it?

Like P-Dog said, Deca and EQ are essentially the same drug. So if you were to replace one with the other, keep the dosages the same… and yes, DEFINITELY frontload EQ, and come off of it early in the cycle. Same suggestions I gave for Deca go for EQ. Good luck.

as far as the eq 200-400mg per week should be good. eq also has a long half life so it will need to be stopped at least a couple weeks before you plan to start pct.

you can front the test and eq if you like. you are using d-bol at the beginning so it might not be totally necesary to front the other drugs, as the d-bol will jump start the cycle.

i just bumped up the hcg thread.

i have to agree generally with the thoughts above. still, i would bump up that test dosage. especially if we are talking a bulking cycle here. and yes replace the deca with eq. i would run both at 600mgs/wk(fronting 1.2g). then run two 8 weekers about 12 weeks apart. run the hcg throughout at 250i.u’s E3D. if you have time for two cycle before the comp then i would make the 2nd a prop/tren/dbol. fast clearance along with great strength and significant hypertrophy. manipulate the diet right and it can be a great cutter too.

P-DOG: Great thread on HGC[sic]. I’ll probably read that one a couple more times.

Since this is only my second cycle, I’d like to keep it simple (and I’m fairly broke) so let me see if I can summarize what’s been said so far into a cycle I think would be good for me.

Wks 1-6:
Enan 400mg/wk
Eq 400mg/wk
Dbol 30mg/day

Wks 7-8
Enan 400mg/wk
Eq 400mg/wk

Wks 9-10
Enan 400mg/wk

Should I run HCG 250IU E3D during cycle or 250IU 2 days before and the day before my weekly inj.? I ask this based on my reading from the HCG thread and wanted to get you guys opinion since this is still early in my AAS beginnings.

How much nolvadex should I use and when? I’m thinking about 10mg/day during cycle. Should I use clomid as part of my PCT?

Thanks for your responses to this.

you know where i stand on the hcg. for the nolva you can contunue to run it post for pct. i like it at 20mgs/ed for a few weeks then drop it to 10mgs/ed for a few weeks.