Time for Bone Healing?

(Lisfranc fracture and broken toes / metatarsals requiring Open Reduction Internal Fixation…)

I suffered the above unfortunately after a bus went over my foot… Not fuckin cool.

Anyways, I had the surgery and its been about 5 weeks, I had the metalwork removed a few days ago and I’m partial weight bearing (on crutches) for 4 more weeks at least.

I am looking for any ideas on how to locate psyio’s or doctors with extensive knowledge of this injury in London, UK, AND ALSO knowledge of martial arts. I used to do Muay Thai and am frankly, desperate to get back to it, and want to speak to someone who knows what they’re talking about and can advise me. Obviously I know that rushing back too soon is probably the worst thing that could be done…

ALSO, I’d like to know from anyone with knowledge how long it takes for bones to completely heal themselves. As in, in 4 weeks it’ll be exactly 9 and a half weeks since the injury. How long does it take before a broken bone is as “strong” and dense as a 100% healthy bone? Obv all numbers I’m throwing around but if I am walking around and ‘normal’ (excluding sport) in March, I want to know how long itll be before the bones are at full strength.

Any ideas would be fantastic. Thanks very much

I broke my ulna on my left arm 14 December. The cast was removed 24 January and I’m wearing a brace now. Latest x-rays show the bone fully ‘healed’ and straight but not yet to the density of the rest of the bone. I like to lift heavy weights but Doc says it could shift the soft bone mass causing problems and pain for the rest of my days.

I should be, according to the Doc, able to start working weights in a couple of months. I figure early April I’ll be able to start hitting light weights. Tendons are tight as hell now and painful parts are not where the break was. I feel more pain on my outside wrist and middle back of my hand. Be patient and let the healing work correctly.

I got a boxer’s fracture as a young (more volatile) man and didn’t lay off. It’s healed crooked. Doesn’t bother me much but is painful sometimes during weather and I understand it is a likely area for me to get arthritis. I’d guess part of taking care of your body is to let it heal and rest.

Finding work arounds that don’t stress your feet is going to be challenging but you might be able to build some incredible upper body strength and work on your flexibility during your lay off. Good luck to you.

Actually I think it will be a good while. I am just now starting to come back from a lisfranc, and it has been a long while. I first hurt it way back in late September of 07.

The doctor told me I could start light on the weights around the middle of January, with the provision that if the injury doesn’t “get bad” again I could start going heavier around April-May time frame. The get bad is his words not mine, I think it is a pain level thing. I am not sure how bad yours is compared to mine but best of luck.