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Time for another BEdZ rant

Women are evil. I have yet to meet a woman who has deemed herself to be worthy of me.

I have met a one who has appeared to be worthy but after 4 and 1/2 years of being with her she decided to fuck other guys! So, it is apparent to me after tonight that 99.9% of all women are evil.

Case in point. I get my hair cut this afternoon and my hair cutting lady (whom I hang out with) says, “I have a friend who things you are hot!” She saw a picture of me and asked my hair cutting lady where she hid me! So, I go out tonight a bit excited to meet this girl.

She turns out to be fairly attracitve and we hit it off. I waste the whole night on her about 1:00 am I ask her about after hours and she says, “I want you to come to my friends house but I’m seeing this guy and he is going to be there.” I’m set back. This girl spends all night with me but apparently has some dood that she hooks up with. I look her square in the eyes and politely say “SLUT!” and walk away. She chases after me…yada yada, yada…a bunch of cheese ass bullshit occurs where she apologizes but in the end I walk away from this tramp.

So, lesson learned? Don’t trust girls! EVER! Evil damn little skanks, sluts and whores! And as attractive as they are and as much as I spank the little guy to them, they can’t be trusted. I have yet to meet a girl that can be trusted. They play way too much. Damn bitches.

The guy I lift with said recently, “I am a product of my enviroment.” And until tonight I really didn’t connect with it but I do now. I used to be a nice guy - opening doors, paying the bill and such - but now I am proud to be an ass. I have been ripped apart by cheating evil women.

In the end I need to learn from this situation. All women are most likely not devil waiting to rip me apart but I need to be more sketical and aware of the nastly little games that people play.

Damn bitches!

So, just turn into a fag and stop whining. I suspect you are getting what you deserve. Go play with your peanut whistle. What a dork.

I hear ya man. There was this one girl I was seeing last summer, and we went out a few times and talked on the phone. One night she starts talking about her bf, wtf? Your bf i’m thinking, when did you get a bf? I didn’t let it phase me though, I was nonchalent about it, but that was the last time I ever contacted her or spoke to her. I heard from one of my friends recently that she’s pregnant now, and her reply when my friend asked her who the father was? “I’m still working on that one” she says. Yup, I’d say most women are sluts. Fuck 'em and then chuck 'em I say.

Jesus…be a man.

  1. Read the Ladder Theory thread.

  2. Better to assume they are all sluts, UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE, than the opposite (nice guy) approach. That way, your judgment wont get clouded by your penis, youll pass for a far more real person, and you won`t waste time or energy unless you find a win/win partner worthy of the name.

Contrary to what was said before being a man is not the solution. It will help to safeguard your self-esteem, sure, but the woman who tells you Be a man is just using a smokescreen to try to get the responsibility of her sluttiness off her back and giving you HER problem.

Fuck `em. Until proven otherwise.

You think eventually, not right now, but eventually, these sort of posts will just go away?

Just curious.

You are the common denominator in all of your relationships. Obviously, no one wants to pass on your genetic material. You are deffective. Loser.

You think 99% of all women are not “worthy” of you. Is that a joke?

Maybe you are a Himbo and you are attracting your appropriate counterparts (Bimbos).

I used to think all women were crazy.But then I realized,we all are,to a certain degree.Who among us hasn’t done,or said something a little out of character in hopes of catching the eye of a cutie.Don’t take it so seriously.
Enjoy the chase.

Try dating a woman instead of a girl.

Hey BEdZ,

You know that guy that all your girls run off to? It’s me!


LoL, Iron Madien you hit it right on the nose! Stop dating girls and find a women;). I love that stament. Yet, its so true. I’ve learn my mistake. No women under 25 for me. I can’t take that immature teenage games they play.

Women are crazy and weird and have annoyed me my whole life, every one of them. But i still love them for what they are.

I wish I could take credit for this, but whoever the creator is did one hell of a job.

i love that thing cory, its a classic!!

I know you’re not gonna like it but here’s what you have to do. Get a washcloth (preferably a soft one) and some warm water and wash the sand out of your vagina. If you find out a girls a ho, don’t get mad at her. Just accept it. SO WHAT that girl has a cut buddy. She isn’t your girlfriend. Right? I call what she’s doing dating. You sound like you definitely need to try it. You go out with different girls/women. Hopefully have a good time together and sometimes you -uck. At some point perhaps you find one you can be with forever. In the mean time stop being angry at everyone who doesn’t have the same ideals as yourself. It won’t get you anywhere.

I just love 'em all. Next time go with her to her friend’s house and MAYBE you’ll get lucky enough and have a foursome. Two girls are always better than one.

“1) Read the Ladder Theory thread.”

got the link right here… www.intellectualwhores.com/masterladder.html

its a very good read and i’ve yet to come into a situation where it doesn’t hold up

All women are different just like all guys are different. There will be the type you are describing that act like ‘Ho’s’ as you put it, but they aren’t all like that!

Just be glad you’re not gay I think that you’d find Guys are even worst (not speaking from experience).

Definitely as Iron maiden says there are the immature ones who love to play games but eventually they realise it doesn’t get them anywhere and become ashamed of their deceit and shallowness.

It must be that you can’t yet discriminate between the good and the bad. You need to take a look at what sort of person you are attracted too and maybe ask yourself some questions about what you’re priorities are.

If you want to date the player bitches then you have to play the game too. That way you don’t get upset. I don’t think it’s you, its’ just the way they behave. Cause if it wasn’t you it would be some other poor shit who turned up on that date.

I wouldn’t have got upset I would have just suggested a threesome but never taken the bitch as girlfriend material. When she’s gets to her late 30’s and realises she has never had a serious meaningful relationship she might change her ways but maybe she’ll never want that. Life’s too short to waste so just get out and enjoy yourself. Put it down to experience and move on. Eventually you’ll have developed an instant, infallible slut alert radar that will kick in anytime you’re within proximity of a ho.

And remember ‘Bitches ain’t shit’

Oh and BTW

“my hair cutting lady (whom I hang out with) says, “I have a friend who things you are hot!” She saw a picture of me and asked my hair cutting lady where she hid me! So, I go out tonight a bit excited to meet this girl.”

Your slut alert radar should have kicked in big time here!

Girls that are that proactive are bound to be sluts! (some might disagree but I have found that to be my experience and others). You went in expecting far too much!