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Time for a Revamp: Chasing the Best of Both Worlds


I apologize ahead of time for the story book....
CT, I have been reading T-Nation for several years, and there is no one else I can think of that will be able to help me with this particular stage in my training as well as you.

Preface: I have flip flopped between focusing on martial arts and lifting throughout college. The last two years, I have focused more on lifting, even competing in a show taking 3 trophies home. I have power lifting experience from highschool, and I have also fought MMA.

What has been working for me this year is something like this: (body part/ main lift)
Legs, (back squats)
Chest, (incline press)
Back, (weighted pull ups and shrugs)
Deadlifts and explosive hip movements (conventional deadlift, & kb swings)
Shoulders (BB overhead press)
(off or arms)

I Usually have some sort of tire flipping or sled pushing thrown in there once a week.
First exercises after warm up are usually 4-5 sets x 3-7 reps. Followed by an explosive movement, then traditional body building scheme done by feel. Often I will substitute in a circuit from â??6 weeks to superheroâ?? for the first two exercises.
I am not proficient at the Olympic lifts, so I stick to high pulls, box jumps, kettle bell swings, clapping pushups, medicine all stuff, etc.

Now that I am graduated I am training jiu jitsu and some muy thai again, I have been on the matts nearly every dayâ?¦. And this is just not working. Though I may fight again in the future, right now I need a program that will allow me to (albeit slowly) continue to develop my physique, while making me more explosive, and wont leave me with shot legs or arms for 3-6 days after the workout! I need something combing â??body-building pumpingâ??, explosive training, heavy lifts, and frequencyâ?¦.. I have some fear that If I donâ??t continue lifting like a â??bodybuilderâ?? then I will loose the physique I have built. But you are the king of getting results via frequency training, so that is why I am turning to you!!!

Soâ?¦.. to sum it up I would greatly GREATLY appreciate a workout split/template you suggest I follow to achieve these goals. I understand you can't do both and be the best at both, but for now I feel my goals are reasonable.

Some notes:
- sometime during the next 3 months I will start a 9 weeks of some â??strongerâ?? supplementation that will allow me to increase the volume of my training dramatically.
- I usually donâ??t use percentages of 1RM, they distract me, and If I train too hard on the matts for a given day, I may not hit the numbers.
- My diet is dialed, peri-workout nutrition and all.
- As far as immediate strength goals go, Hitting my 100lb pull upx3 in the next few months would leave me â?¦. Very happy!!!

Current stats:
5â??6, 170lbs hovering at 10% body fat, 23 years old.
Goal: 165-175 @ 7-8%
Lifts are given in work sets��
Squat: 365x3
Bench: 225x3
Incline bench: 205x2-3
Deadlift: 365x3-5
Pull ups: 50lbsx4-5
Overhead press (with a slight push from bottom) 145x3
Dips: 100lbsx7

Long term goals:
Bench 315x1
Incline Bench 225x5
Squat: 475
Deadlift: 500
Pull ups: (100lbs x 2-3) & 25 reps bodyweight.
Overhead press: bodyweight by 3-5

THANK YOU, I appreciate any input you can give me.


You must be aware that I can't design individual programs on my forum. I'd literally wouldn't have enough hours in my week to do so


I had figured this, I was looking more for an outline anyways. But I wanted to inquire on whether or not you offer consults, or program writing via email for a price? I would be very interested.
Thank you.


Not at the moment. I don't really believe in online coaching. Sure it's easy money, but personally I would not feel comfortable doing it because I wouldn't feel like I'm offering something that is up to my own standards.