Time for a New Program?

Hey CT,

I’ve been following the same type of routine for years. This is what it looks like…

Day 1- Chest/Back
Day 2- Squat followed by lower body assistance work (Sprints after workout)
Day 3- OFF (possibly cardio)
Day 4- Shoulders/Arms
Day 5- Deadlifts followed by lower body assistance work and sprints

I have a few questions. As a tall lifter, as 6’6", long limbs and shorter torso, how should I approach my workouts? I feel I have plateaued in gaining muscle and strength. I realize I may need to adjust my nutrition for new gains, but I also feel my routine has gone “stale”. My chest is my weak point. I’ve realized that if I focus more on upper pec development, it gives me chest more of a square look. I’ve avoided any decline work because I felt it might give me that “droopy” pec look.

I have always been a fan of using push and pull movements together. I want to build my strength, as well as look bigger, leaner and stronger. Is there a specific program I should look into to break through this plateau?

Thank you!