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Time for a new cycle


OK- I came into a little bit of $$$, and have lots of free time, so I'd like to maximze my training time and hop on a small cycle again. I wanna keep it as low budget as possible, while also getting as ripped as possible. I'm 6'1 about 183lbs, and about 8-9% bf. I have veins EVERYWHERE, and I wanna get a little leaner while adding some decent strength and size, while keeping my cost down. Here's 4 cycles I was thinking of (using nolva for PCT and anti-estro if need be) my source should be able to get any of these....

1- Test E. plus winny V- 400mg/wk, 50mg EOD

2- winny and tren- 50mg EOD, 75mgEOD

3-equi and winny- 400mg/wk, 75mg EOD

4- test E. and tren- 300mg/wk/ 75mg EOD

Any thoughts? I'm 29, this'll be my 3rd cycle.....plan on doing a lot of grappling and MMA training while on as well, so I don't want HUGE bloat, or massive size gains....people will notice too much, I'd rather make them at least guess whether or not I'm juicing or not.

Any advice or wisdom is greatly appreciated! Thanks again.






Judging by what kind of gains you want, I would go with the Winny/Tren cycle. I personally hate EQ, so that cancels out that cycle, IMHO.

Being "as ripped as possible" is all based on diet. No chemical will make you "ripped" unless it is some kind of stimulant like Clen, Cytomel, ECA, or even HGH (not a stimulant).

I would also run your Winny/Tren dosages a little higher. If your Winny is depot, run it at 50mg every day. If it's oral, increase it to 100mg per day. Finally, run your Tren ED (every day) at 75mg. Good luck.


MN- I decided on winny/tren, i always go w/ injectables.

I doubt I'll go higher, just b/c I can't afford too much more than I already spent. I expect I'll add a good 10-15 lbs off this stack, and during the last 2 weeks, yes, I'll be dieting like a mofo. I'm always lean, so it shouldn't be a problem getting ripped up.

I'll post some pics before and after.