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Time for a change

I have just decided to use my real-life nickname “Axy” (pronounced “axee”) instead of my real-life first and last name - Sasa Aksentijevic. It is just too complicated - while “Sasha” is not exactly unheard of in the Western hemisphere, T-Mag should give free leather jackets to people who are able to pronounce my last name correctly. Cheers! :slight_smile:

It goes like this: accent-ee-yay-vick. Right?

Wow, Drax! You nailed this one! Are you natural when it comes to Slavic last names,
or do you have a buddy of such an origin who helped you? Btw. it was my mistake,
the last two letters of my last name are not “ic” but “ich”, but it is a “soft”
version of “ch”, unlike “hard” version used in Russian for example. Since it is
very rare, I simply wrote “ic” instead of “ich”, so “ick” part is not completely
correct, but as I said, it was my fault. It is good I did not promise you a leather
jacket or otherwise I would have 22-lb plate sized hole in my wallet. ;-)))

I knew you were from Croatia or Yugoslavia from other posts & from that, I guess I just knew.

Both are correct, I was from Yugoslavia until 10 years ago when it fell apart, so I am from Croatia now. :slight_smile:

You’re flaming everybody around here and you think that the simple name change will make everybody forget all the bad things you said to us. A wolf change his haircoat every now and then, but his character remains the same(these proverbs certainly sound ridiculous using direct translation):-))).

It is interesting that every Croatian proverb had its equivalent in English. For example, “drzi se kao pijan plota” is along the lines of “sticks like white on rice”. Completely different premises describe the same issue. Right now I cannot remember the proverb that would describe inability to change one’s true nature. :slight_smile: