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Time for a Change, Please Help


Alright guys hows it going?

Iv been working out for 2 years now, and have noticed gains in size and muscle. Iv been doing the whole "chest + tri" on one day, and "back + bi" on the next day kinds of work outs. I havent really followed routines, i usually decide what exercises il do for that muscle group before i go into the gym.

What im trying to get at is i wanna get bigger/stronger. I eat as good as i can while living at university (the university food is shit so bare with me people). I take creatine/protein/bcaa, all those essential supplements.

Im trying to find a workout on here that will help me get bigger/stronger. Any help would be appreciated


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That would be too easy


So when do you train legs?


Choose a strength workout one with heavy weight mid to low reps. For the frist 8-10 weeks or so, if you're hitting the weights hard and progressing you'll see a nerual adaptation first leading to strength increase. After that should be some nice size gains.

8-10 weeks is a general rule as everyone is different.


There are any multitude of splits you could use from. One body part, push/pull, full body etc. Read some articles.

"University food is shit?" You don't buy your own food? The university provides you with food all the time? What sort of university is this? Sounds like a shit excuse to me. I ate like a king during university and all it took was a little bargain hunting and, most importantly, staying away from cafeteria food in uni.




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Squats seems a little butterface, not sure if I want.


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