Time For a Career Change

I have a question that I hope I can get a lot of guidance from. I have decided to change careers and go back to fitness.

I’m currently working as a computer analyst and I?m quite burned out on this career path. I have 2 years of undergrad work out of the way in college and wanted to know what steps I need to take to become a assistant strength coach or strength coach for a school, college or sports team? I worked as a fitness trainer for 8 years freelance and for a city program but this was 6 years ago.

I pursued computers as I assumed that the big $ would make me happy and I do love computers just not as a career. The real dilemma on my mind is current bills and the fact that I?m just short of 35. I don?t want to be a personal trainer for the public or work at 24hour fitness. I want to work with people who are serious about fitness not people who are there because their doc told them or they have decided to shed a few pounds for summer.

Any insight would be helpful. I?m 100% dedicated to making this change.

You mmay get a suprise that the guys who need to lose a few pound maybe as or more motivated than others that you have in mind,but have for what ever reason gotten out of shape.
If you thinking about only making big bucks that will take time.
I am not a trainer but thats my two cents.

Not looking for the big bucks. I just want to be happy and make a decent living at what i do. $25 - $30 an hour + benifits is not unreasonable and i can live on that.

Then I suggest that you start small and develope a name by providing a the skills that you have, and we will be seeing your articles here one day.
Good Luck

could be tricky, the money and happiness thing seem mutally exclusive unless you are very lucky.

I am property developing now on top of my job. I should clear around 90k from the 1 job. This will allow me to stop the job i am doing and move into flexible working (change of career not decided yet). I need to do this 2/3 times to ensure i have enough capitol behind me to free me up and enough i can borrow capitol with. I can go to a venture capitalist and get some fairly heavy dough.

This is my plan, as it will ensure that i have both (he hopes). I am 29 currently.

Take a gamble, get some mullah behind you and then go for it, especially if you have bills and the like.