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Time For A Break?

So I was at the gym this afternoon and had my first instance of training regression. I was unable to lift what I had done last weekend on multiple lifts/exercises. It was very disturbing and traumatizing for my confidence. I’m wondering could this mean it is time to take a week off?

I’ve been going at it for 5 + months straight, 4 times a week.

The past 3 months have been much more intense since I have stumbled upon this site and learned how to train properly. I have not taken any weeks off yet to just relax. Do you guys think it might be time to take a week off and recover? Was this perhaps just a bad training session?

I’ve been pissed off about it all day. For some reason I just felt substantially weaker today than normal.

Sure if you feel beat up take a deload, if no keep going. Dont over complicate it. Make sure your getting rest recovery bad sessions happen, KILLER sessions happen. 90% of the time its somewhere in the middle


We all have crappy days. maybe you didn’t eat enough, maybe your mind was pre-occupied. Maybe your body was just too tired.

I’d recommend not taking a week off. Go do your usual thing with half the weight for a week. Try different exercises that target the same muscle groups when you return the following week.