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I figured after a while of lurking and reading other peoples training logs (mainly j_wiley, I dont know why)I would start my own. I'm 39 going to be 40 this year. I have been working out for a few years but not seriously. I toyed around not doing anything real until I read Charles Staleys' book Muscle Logic. It changed the whole way I look at training and eventually led me to this site, where I have based my training philosophy on several authors.

I am currently doing 5-3-1(big surprise I know). I am on my second cycle and will post my workout. I have goals I want to reach this year. I want to have a military press in the high 100's, a deadlift in the 400's, and a bench in the low to mid 300's. I also want to bring my sqaut up from vag where it is now. I never really trained much on the squat but I have decided to change that. The deadlift is my true favorite, but the squat isnt. I want a front squat of body weight and back squat int the low 300's. I am currently doing front squat now.

I have decided to also use Joe Defranco's Built Like a Badass program as well and I saw Dave Tates, 30 second rep workout I will put in as well. I dont know how to design a good program so I will use theirs. I'm not hung on my weight as a number, but I do want a better looking physique. I will post phots of me in a couple of days. Any and all comments are welcomed.


Military Press FG
barx20 65x10 100x5 115x5 130x5
Arnold press FG
20x12 25x12 30x12 30x12
120x10 120x10 left arm 200x8
vbar pushdowns FG
50x12 70x12 60x12 80x9
FG= fat grips
I dont know how sold I am on fat grips yet, I really feel them in my shoulder routine. My left shoulder has been jacked for years and it feels better on the fat grips than the normal bar.


Oh and its J_Willy3, dont know how i screwed that up. And the fluke of nature hel320, who after reading his totals I am beginning to think is genetically altered.


Welcome UN42. Remember JW is touched in the head and Hel320's wife sneaks HGH in his food.


Welcome aboard!


Welcome UN42, Eco is right, I'm nutty as a fruitcake. Plus I don't know what the F%$k I'm doing. Plus I'm a blasphemer. I'm not worshiping at the 5-3-1 altar.


Sitting here laughing. Very funny JW.


Since 5-3-1 is a cult, and not a true religion, I don't think it counts as blaspheming.

Welcome aboard UN42!


5/3/1 could be a cult, but non believers will be punished. I'm not sure how though, I will get back to you on that. But believe you me, when I do find out, you will rue the day. Rue the day. Now that the threat portion of the post is over, thank you for the welcome.

135x15 185x9 200x5 230x5 260x5
1 arm standing cable row FG
80x12 90x12 100x12 100x12
EZ bar curl
55x8FG 55x8FG 55x7no FG left arm db curl 17.5x6 no FG
Tabata eliptical 4min
Decent day with the weights. Waiting on a rack to open up, I saw a guy doing front squats. Decent amout of weight on the bar but what was impressive was his form. Ass to ankles. I've never seen anyone go that deep before, feet about shoulder width. I'm happy to get parallel to just a little bit below. And thats in a 24hr.
This was my first day with Tabatas. After a month of complexes I was hoping this would be a little easier. It wasn't. I was still gasping for air and questioning my place on this planet at the end. I loved it, 10 minutes later. I'm not sure if i need to fit in one more assistance exercise or not.


Welcome aboard. Keep it up with the 5-3-1 been lifting my whole life and is the best overall program ever came across.


Nice work UN42. You are banging them out.



Well, I wasn't able to get into the gym Wednesday night, due to a driving day trip from Dallas to Houston and back, so I went Thursday morning. No where close to j_willy time, but I did get it in. When I start doing EDT, morning seems like the best time to do it.

BB bench barx25 135x12 165x5 190x5 215x5 FG
Dips bwx10 bwx10 bwx9 bwx7
DB bench 45x8 45x8 55x8 65x8 FG
1 arm OH standing triceps press 15x10 15x10 15x10 Left arm 15x9

I think the fat gripz are really helping my left shoulder. The first set hurt but the rest got a lot better. After walking the weights to the bench with the gripz on, I think you dont need Kroc rows for grip. Just do farmers walks with them. I will give it a try next month. I felt like a weenie using 165 as a work set, but by the end, it was a good bench day. I didnt get to Tabata's since you aren't suppposed to do them on consecutive days.


Welcome about Un,

Nice work.

531 is a cult, I switched up to the defranco bad ass for a bit, and had to mail my
group sneakers back .


Welcome, 5/3/1 might be a cult but you'll notice the best looking people do 5/3/1.


I gotta try me some o 'dem farmer walk thingies...


So true, so true.


I'm sorry to inform you that you're being misinformed. The best looking people throw things. The very best looking people throw a lot of things. Welcome. Fat grips, something you hold in your hands while lifting?


Yes, Hel, the Fat Gripz go around the bar. And you feel the difference in places you didn't think you would. for now its my shoulders, well actually my left one. The only time I dont use them is on my deads. But I think next month I will do farmers walks with them. I cant curl or row as much with them, but I am ok with that, things should catch up.

Front squat 65x10 w.u. 65x10 w.u. 115x5 130x5 150x5
Back squat 150x8 165x8 180x7 180x5
Standing curl on an incline bench FG
22.5x8 27.5x8 27.5x7 left arm 27.5x7 no fat gripz
Standing leg curls
25x12 30x12 35x12
Tabata on the eliptical x4min. The thought of throwing up crossed my miond for a little bit after I was done, guess that means I'm doing them right.
Last set of front squats felt heavy. Guess I am paying now for slacking on squats for so many years.
Had to assist last rep of left arm curl.
KMC, how is the Defranco program, I am going to do a cycle around April. It looks like an ass kicker.


And as promised, photos of what I dont want to look like


Okay, only one at a time, here is the other one.