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Time Efficient Hypertrophy Program

I just started Time Efficient Hypertrophy, and wanted some input in making some modifications. So far I’ve been working out consistently for about 3 months (upper/lower splits followed by push/pull/legs split).

Time Efficient Hypertrophy link:

I was going to modify the plan to 3 days a week:
Tues Chest/Back/Quads
Thurs Hip Legs/Shoulders/Arms
Sat Recovery

What’s a good substitute for leg extensions (on Recovery Day Leg Extensions 1x50)? Using any amount of weight on the leg extension machine creates knee problems for me.

Also, I was going to do stiff legged deadlifts instead of deadlifts as my strength/flexibility isn’t up there yet.

I have a slight forward roll to my shoulders and have been doing 2:1 ratio for back:chest exercises to try to correct this. Any suggestions in modifying this program to include more “pulling” movements (or should I decrease the “pushing” movements?).


Leg extensions are murder on my knees too. I’ve always found that lunges get the job done w/o the pain. I’d recommend giving them a try.

On the push/pull thing, you mentioned that you’re substituting stiff-legged deads for regular deads. I would think that that change alone would solve your problem. In my opinion, stiff-legged deads are ideal for someone with forward rolling shoulders.

Good luck!

stay away from leg extensions, no need to do them

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll do lunges instead.