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Time-Effective Arm & Shoulder Workout


Hi everybody! My first post here, but been a long time lurker around this fantastic site.

Here's the deal: The time I can go to the gym is usually the busiest time of day there, so I was constantly "hunting down" dumbbells and barbell disks because either someone else was using the weight I was going to use, or someone was too fucking lazy to return them to their place (Fucking egotistical retards... Sorry, had to blow some steam).

Last Monday was arm day for me, and I thought of a way to both make my gym time more time-effective, and at the same time eliminate the hassle of having to be constantly looking for a disk or dumbbell.

My arm workout looks like this:
Clean & Press 4x12-10-8-6 (Weights: 55,65,75,80 respectively)
DB Lateral Raises 4x12-10-8-6 (20,25,30,35)
High Pull 3x10-6-4 (55,80,90)
Push Press 3x6-4-2 (75,100,105)
BB Curl 4x12-10-8-6 (55,65,75,80)
Standing DB Curl 4x12-10-8-6 (25,30,35,40)
Close-Grip Press (105,125,140,150)
Standing Tricep Extensions w/BB (65,75,85,90)

First off, don't make fun of my shoulder numbers. They're low because I dislocated my left shoulder about a month ago and started with an empty barbell to work on my form and give my shoulder a chance to heal (Which is doing much much better now).

Well, since I was spending waaaay too much time dealing with the lack of availability of equipment, I thought of a new way to train my arms: Since I use the barbell on most of my exercises, and I use the same weight on some sets of exercises, I set-up my routine based on the weight of the barbell and not on the exercise that's next. Here's how I did it:

Barbell loaded with 55 pounds: 12 reps of Clean and Press, 10 reps of High Pulls, 12 reps of BB Curls, one after another.

Barbell loaded with 65 pounds: 10 reps Clean & Press, 10 reps BB Curls, 12 reps Tricep Extensions.

Barbell loaded with 75 pounds: 8 reps Clean & Press, 6 reps Push Press, 8 reps BB Curls, 10 reps Tricep Extensions.

And so on until I load the bar with 105 pounds and do the final set of 2 reps Push Press.

I left the DB exercises and the Close-Grip Press alone. All in all, that saved me around 30 minutes of workout time and gave my arms an unbelievable pump, mainly my forearms.

Just something I wanted to share with you guys, maybe it could be useful from an intensity standpoint or just to spice things up with arms.

Any observations or tips?


Half of those things arent even arm exercises, so this doesnt even really warrant a reply


Well, I work biceps, triceps and shoulders on the same day, so I consider them three as my arm workout. Different opinions, my friend.


Freaky_Frankie, how long have you been training, are you just starting out? I understand your use of the barbell and the need to hold on to it during your workout because of the gym being busy at the time. If what you've typed above is working for you and yeilding results then more power to you.

However you can always use the basic 3 day weekly split of Chest/shoulders/triceps, back/biceps, quads/hams/calves. I use this split myself, (I hit each bodypart once every 9 days)and I actually don't train biceps at all because I get more than enough stimulation from my back workout, for my triceps I just do pushdowns and/or dips.

All of my workouts are complete within 25 minutes. In terms of intensity you could try some rest pause sets, negative only or forced reps etc., but again if you are a beginner perhaps master the execution of each excersise first before moving on to advanced intensity techniques.



I've trained on and off for the last decade since I graduated from High School. On and off because of me giving things like school, work and relationships priority over my training. Not giving any excuses, I am the only one to blame for that. I've been back at the gym for almost a year now, give or take a week or two.

I don't know if this'll give me results. I just tried it last Monday and I loved it because I finished much faster and it made my arms want to drop from their sockets.



Hammer curls 3 sets 8 t
Barbell curls 2 setsx5

After a main workout


Pushdowns 3x8
Close grip bench2x5

After a main work out

Takes NO time


When I do my arm workouts, I like to do arm exercises. That's just me though.



spelling fail


the room is spinning....


Note to self: Check spelling before posting. That's what I get for trying to be a smart-ass, lol.


LOL ok, lesson learned. Thread renamed to "Arm AND Shoulder". Hehehe, thanks for the warm welcome :wink:

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just do more supersets of arms after your main workouts if you just want like a quick 10 min, but if you want just an entire arm day thats a diff story


serious? doesn't that mean you're doing your back exercises wrong?







If your arms are getting enough stimulation during your back workout that you think they've got a workout of their own then you're doing something wrong.


I never trained biceps either. Going beyond failure for back hits them well enough.

Ed: Well, I do finish my back day with 4 sets of dumbbell concentration curls to failure.



I dont "think", .....I know what works best for ME. By the way, its only my biceps that are also stimulated from a high intense back workout, not my arms as a whole.