Time Crunch

Hey Gents,
I know its everyone’s excuse, I don’t have time. I found time in law school and through the bar, but seriously now I don’t have it to spare.

I have been at TBS (basic training for Marines) since April. I have found time to lift 5 times in six weeks. I can feel my size and strength melting. Basically, I have little access to weights and I can squeeze maybe 20 minutes every other day. Any thoughts on how to maintain mass and strength?

Maybe doggcrapp/rest pause. It’s brief and pretty draining, and you might be able to hit a push/pull/legs in ~20 minutes time.

Focus on the basics, 1-2 exercises per session. You won’t be able to grow muscle but you will be able to save most of what you have with something like this …

Day 1 - Squat, Press/Close-grip bench

Day 2 - Deadlift, Chin/Row

Day 3 - Dip/Bench, Curl

Keep the weights heavy-ish (5x3 or 5x5 or perhaps 3x8 protocol but no lighter).

Oh and if you can only lift once a week - squat/bench/row one week, then dead/dip/curl the next.

Again, keep the weights heavy enough for your body to want to retain muscle.

Thanks, for the suggestions. I will likely employ some sort of rest/pause split.