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Time between two-a-day workouts

Hey gang. I’m sure this has been addressed on the forum before, but I can’t find it in the archives. My question is about how much time one should put between two-a-day workouts. I know Poliquin says 4-6 hours, but I believe he’s talking about when one is doing two workouts for the same bodypart. If one is doing a routine like Growth Surge phase 2 where the workouts are for different bodyparts, does anybody have ideas (anecdotal or otherwise) on what amount of time between workouts is optimal? Anybody have any idea what Staley or King have to say on this matter? Thanks.

up ya go, little fella…

Don’t know, or don’t care? I’m sure some of the knowledgeable folks here have a take on this!

You’ll see that GSP II has the day split into morning = hard and evening = easy. Sometimes you’ll wonder why they placed the exercises like they do but it can be done. Personally I like to work out nine hours apart, because then I can get a proper number of meals in between workouts. Nothing at all to do with me having to work 8 of those hours, nosiree

Thanks for the reply. I’m planning on doing the GS phase two workouts pretty much as listed, and I’m planning on doing the morning workouts at 12:30pm and the evening workouts at 8:00pm. I was just curious if there’s anything in the literature to contraindicate a roughly 7.5-hour split between two-a-days. Even if there is, I can’t imagine it creates a pronounced enough effect to outweigh the convenience this schedule will provide. Man, Summer break rules. Nothin’ to do but eat, lift, and sleep. :slight_smile:

When I did the GSP 2-a-day workout, I had anywhere from 5 to 8 hours’ rest between workouts. I don’t think it matters all that much, so long as you feel recovered and “ready” to hit the iron again. But El M. has a good point about meal timing, so that might make a difference one way or another.