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Time Between Post W/O Shake, Food?


Am I right in remembering you only need to wait an hour, after a post-w/o shake, before eating a solid food protein load?

Normally I don't eat so soon, but I am absolutely famished here!!


I honestly don't think it matters. I think the only reason people wait an hour or so is because they're not hungry until then. Eat when you are hungry.


Read the recent article on protein synthesis by John M and Bill W


Thanks fellas, that article looks like it'll be interesting reading. Well, that episode'll teach me to try and carb-deplete on squat day.

Threw in the towel about an hour in and wolfed down a chickenburger+chips with a side breast.


Agreed. Eat when you are hungry.

I believe quite strongly now that food can act as a stressor to the body (even good food) if you eat it in large quantities when the body is not ready for it. Directly after a workout Im too hyped up and usually not that hungry until Ive relaxed a little. So I dont rush any food down. Theres no danger of muscle loss or lack of gains IMO if youve been eating up to training and had a workout drink as well. Usually after getting home from the gym and having a shower Im ready to eat. Stressing about this sort of thing is counter productive. I wished I listened to my body a lot earlier in my training instead of stressing about what certain people said you had to do.


If it comes down between posting and eating, I'de choose eating.

But that's me, I don't complicate things.


It is extremely rare for the word "need" to be appropriate in anything related to bodybuilding or physique enhancement.

Be skeptical of any information that uses that word.


Am I the only person who laughed at this?