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Time Between Orals During a Cycle


How do you guys feel about kickstarting a cycle, and finishing a cycle, with an oral compund? Not necessarily the same one. In fact probably not the same one. How much time would you want as a buffer between the completion of the kickstart, and starting up the second oral? And what oral would you use?


14 weeks Test E, 750mg/wk
weeks 1-6 dbol, 25mg/day
weeks ?-? second oral, dosed however it should be dosed. (A few products could be considered here. DMZ and Epistane would be in the running)

Thanks guyz


I'd run your dbol a little higher for the first few weeks.

As for the second oral, m sten or var would be my favourites. Could use anything really, though. Could even just use more dbol if you had it.

I always start and finish on an oral, with a couple of weeks break between them


I'd run 5 weeks dbol. 5 off with liver support supps. Finish with var 5 weeks.


Too late to run the dbol higher this time around, lol. But that will definitely be a future consideration. 50mg seems like it would be much more fun.


haha, yeah, 50mg is the bomb! I wouldn't bother going any higher.

How's the cycle going in general?


Could be better, but I can't complain. Feeling great, zero sides at this point. 8 weeks in.

I had a minor surgical procedure done a week and a half ago that kept me out of the gym. I also mostly lost my appetite for the week following that, so I dropped a few pounds while I ate like shit. Probably lost water weight too, since dbol is done. Back in the gym now though, and back to eating right. Overall I'm up 10 lbs bodyweight, squat is up 30 lbs, deadlift is up 30 lbs, bench press up 10, ohp up 20.


does anyone check their liver enzymes while running an oral? Just curious as to how high you guys let them get.


I have not yet, but I will be soon. I'd like to know what people think about this as well.


you'll always feel like you could've gotten more out of a cycle. You'll look back and think you should've eaten more, trained a bit different, upped the dose, added another compound or whatever.

You're just at the start of your steroid journey my man, it's an exciting time!


I actually don't. Here in the UK it's way harder to get things like blood work without paying an absolute fortune. The NHS won't do it unless you have a VERY understanding doctor or are showing symptoms.

The way I see it, I'm running orals a couple of times a year for 4 weeks or so at a time, so how much damage could I realistically do?

The thing that does worry me is my cholesterol levels probably get quite tanked on a cycle. The orals I run tend to play hell with it (love me some var) and I use letro as my AI which is pretty hard on the ole cholesterol levels too. There's a history of heart problems in my family so it's something I need to be aware of.


I was wondering when you were gonna start using gear! Super knowledgeable so we expect maximum results haha


damn that's crazy! i'd probably have to become a doctor if i lived over there just so I could do my own bloodwork, that's fuckin bullshit. So you can't even say you want a routine check up???


My experience with orals is limited as I can't handle the side effects from most of them lol. I do like and tolerate Var well at the end of a cycle though.


it depends on your doctor, but I've never had one that would. I tried to get a hormone panel done when I fucked up my prolactin, but the doctor told me she wouldn't test any of those because they were female hormones (seriously) and that my issues'd go back to normal soon anyway.

On the other hand, I know a dude who's doctor'll happily do a full hormone panel for him every 3 weeks. It's just luck of the draw whether or not you get a decent doctor.

The only place I found in Glasgow that'd do it privately for me charged me £300


Wait, so you don't get to pick your doctor either?


local surgeries will take people based on their postcode, so if none of the doctors in your postcode are worth a fuck then that's your lot.


Mate, that is bloody ballocks!!!!!