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Time Between ECA Cycles?


About 3 weeks ago I finished my 1st time on ECA. Did about 5-6 weeks. I got some awsome results! I know you guys wanna hear #'s but truth be told, I could give a fuck less about #'s as long as I could visually see fat loss.

It was damn obvious I melted fat. Pants and underwear was big and loose. Stomach much smaller. And even thinner in the face. And when people started making comments " Michael, have you lost weight?" I knew it was working. Anxious to get on another cycle of this stuff. But how long would you wait before stating up agin?


You don't have to cycle E. the effects last long enough to complete a dieting phase.

most people do simply because of the side effects that sometimes accompany it.

some cycle it 5-on/2-off until they move to maintenance

EDIT to Add:
Caffeine's ergogenic effect will dissipate with regular use, but fat-loss effect remains
Aspirin is non-essential unless you are obese, even then most recommend baby-aspirin


what kind of time frame would you recomend b/w using caffeine? I noticed about a week after I stopped the ECA stack I got some pretty good headaches. I'm guessing it froms going to 400-600mg caffeine to 0. Don't get them anymore. I'm anxious to start again.


For lots of good information: bodyrecompositioncom

The headaches probably were from the caffeine withdrawal if you don't generally take in any caffeine and/or have a low tolerance and/or quit cold turkey

There is no specific waiting period...the fat loss effects do not dissipate with extended use.


hmmm... couldn't find any info. on ECA on that site. I saw there is a search function, but I'm browsing from my phone and it won't allow me to search from this PDA. link?


This happened to me the first time I tried ECA. I recently just finished off it again, but tapered the dose down the last 4 days, and the first day completely off- no headaches!

caffeine dependency can get nasty, esp for such a common substance...


Browse the forums with a regular computer.

When you come off the caffeine do it in steps. go from 600mg down at about 100mg per day. If you use 200mg pills then just pinch them in half.

If you dont get random weird side effects from the Eph then you can just stop and go as needed. But i find that when trying to lose fat its best to use it for 4 weeks variantly and then take at least 2 weeks off. I often get a nice fat loss boost during those two weeks because the stimulants can cause fat retention around the gut. By going off them and all other stims I find that there is a noticeable difference in fatloss around the gut, for myself at least. But there is no doubt that the EC helps overall fat loss very well.

In other news: fuck asprin unless you're monstrously large. if anything maybe pair it with some BCAA's. but EC is all you need most likely.

good luck sir,



2 weeks on, 1 week off. Keep your adrenals healthy.

EC is really all you need, some throw in an 81mg baby aspirin, but I don't think it makes a difference.

Do not take E or C every day for weeks and weeks, you don't want adrenal fatigue.

edit: Avocado recommends 4 on 2 off, I'm not saying this is incorrect, I've just never read about it. I stick with 2 on 1 off


Yeah, it's essentially the same from a metabolic standpoint but different from a health stand point. If you NEED the appetite suppression, caloric expenditure etc etc then you can stay on the EC for a bit [at most 4 week really]. The effects Re: metabolism wont fade per se. But if you are looking out for your adrenals and all your other health effects then the shorter ramps are better.

Basically its a matter of getting the most out of it. Start at a low dose and work up. this way you will get more out of less actual use [i find]. Also be on the lookout for signs of adrenal fatigue as seen in an article on here that I dont have the time to look up ATM. But if you go 2 n 1 of or 4 on 2 off then you should be fine.

Even then i would only use it for 4 months before taking 4 off [use tarine or yohimbe instead if you really NEED stims/therms]. Your body needs recovery time from shit like Eph. Look at older studies of asthmatics when Eph was the common prescription. Those kids would get all letharigc and insomniac [can you imagine? not wanting to do fuck all and not being able to sleep? shit deal].

If you want to geek out, look at the physiological process of how Eph works to see the main reasons why you would want to be filling your receptor sites normally for most of the year.

Also I hate the sweats it gives me.