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Time Between Cycles

Hey Guys,

I’ve lurked on this site for a while and read some great stuff. Thought I’d put up a post and see what the pros think.

I finished a cycle of Deca/Test recently. I dosed at 300/250mg a week for 11 weeks respectively. (I realize that this is a pretty mild cycle, which is fine.) I had results that were great for me, putting on about 14 lbs of lean muscle, with no complications.

I’m wondering if eight weeks of recuperation seems like enough time to you guys, given that the first cycle was pretty mild. I’ve had some advice that that is plenty of time and other advice that I really should wait a full eleven weeks before starting another round.

Looking forward to your feedback.

No 8 weeks isn’t enough, 11 would be minimum and most guys aroung here will still disagree with that. Safest rule of thumb is: time off= 2x’x time on. Furthermore deca, while considered “mild”, is very suppressive and can take awhile to recover from. BTW where is your pct?

Wideguy is right. At the very least the rule of thumb is TO=TO. I was talking to a friend of mine in the marines not too long ago and he just got done with a 16 week cycle of test/EQ. He said his 30 days was almost up, so it was all “out of his system” and he was ready to start another cycle. I had to explain to him a lot about aas use, since he’d never heard of half-lives or pct or anything.

Agreed. The MINIMUM time off from any cycle should equal the time you were on. I would try to hold off even longer just to know for sure that my system has recovered completely. Truth be told, when you’re “on”, the weeks seem to FLY by. When you’re “off”, they can be the LONGEST weeks of your life! LOL Most, including myself, can’t WAIT to get back on again. It’s tough, but be patient and let your body recover properly and completely. Good luck.

Thanks for the advice guys. Its not what I wanted to read, but it seems like its prolly dead on.

Its just wanting to be beach-ready that made me want to start sooner. I’ll hold off as you guys suggest.

If your last cycle was eight weeks ago and you’re not “beach ready” still, then you should probably look at your diet, because it must be lacking.

Hey Merlin,

Thanks for the additional thought. I’ll be fine on the beach. That comment was supposed to be tongue in cheek. I’ve put on 15lbs and actually feel like I look great. I’m just looking forward to my next cycle. But I’ll do as has been suggested and wait for at least 12 weeks.

I’m very careful with my diet. Its a pretty standard fare, six meals a day, lots of protein and limiting carbs. I do appreciate the thought though.

Thanks for the advice.