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Time between cycles

Assuming one does an 8 week cycle along WITH HCG injections at 500 IU´s per day followed by clomid post cycle , what would be the minimum time off?

Is there any merit to the old saying that one
should stay off as long as the cycle?

yes there’s merit to the old saying. stay off at least as long you’re on, unless you’re not concerned with health and want to be a mammoth who’s “on” year round.

Ok Scott, staying off for as long as one was on seems like good sense, no doubt about that.

But really does any research support this?
Does the HPTA recover completely in 8 weeks?
Maybe 4 weeks is enough if HCG was used.
I´m looking for research and/or empirical data
on this and I was hoping for a little more then plain old good sense.

It’s a sliding gray scale with no distinct
cut-offs, let alone identical answers applicable to everybody… but basically,
if you’re off twice as much as on, you
can get a lot of results (particularly with
2 on / 4 off) while being quite conservative
with regard to effect on health; at equal
times this is still pretty reasonable on
the system but a little harder; at half
as much time off as on, this is definitely
compromising health while giving a little
more gains.

So what’s the answer on what the ratio
should be? Depends on you