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Time Between Cycles

So I’ll be finishing up 10 week cycle (500mg test e weekly) . I hear rule of thumb is taking same time off as you do time on. Doing a 4 week pct with nolva 40/40/20/10 and probably natural test booster. Does time on pct count as between cycles . And should I get test checked immediately after the 4 weeks Pct to check if it’s back to normal

For optimal health the general rule to follow is time on + PCT, equals time off. If your cycle last 12 weeks, you wait 2 weeks to start PCT, and your PCT plan lasts 6 weeks, then you will wait 20 weeks before starting a new cycle. A mistake many men make is saying testosterone levels have recovered shortly after PCT and it is now okay to start a new cycle. If you do this you have not allowed your body time to normalize. True recovery means your levels can hold without any type of supplementation, if not then full recovery has not been reached.

This is what I follow. (4 weeks PCT in my case, not 6)