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Time Before Labs After TRT Adjustments?

How long does it take for things to stabilize after any adjustments in order that labs will be accurate/useful?

If someone is adjusting T doses or Adex doses, how frequently can they do labs to dial things in?

In my case the problem is I intentionally did labs before traveling for an extended period of time…but the lab made an error so I didn’t get my results. However my plan was to do the labs prior to travel knowing I wasn’t gonna bring my HCG or HGH because of “planes, trains, automobiles and hotels” as well my injection protocol can be off a few days when traveling or I sometimes don’t do as frequent smaller dosed injections that I normally do, and may take my Adex on different days here and there when busy traveling. Ugh. So the lab called and will comp me new labs but I don’t know how long I need to wait to make sure things are stable and accurate because I did a few weeks off my protocol.

I’ve done searches about how long to wait after TRT adjustments to do labs, and asked guys, and the opinions seem to range from two weeks to six weeks.


I think it depends on the extent of the changes, what was changed, and exactly what you are looking at. Test changes, wait a little longer than AI. Play it safe, 5-6 weeks.

Thanks. The ladies who made mistake at lab were like come on in ASAP so we can correct it. That’s even after I explained why I did the labs prior to traveling…I was like hey I probably need to wait a while.