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Time Before Having a Shake After Workout


I like to workout Chest/Shoulder super setted with Bi's, Leg/Ans, Back/Tris/forearms then rest day. When I workout chest then shoulder/bi's is it bad that I won't get a protein shake in me till about 45mins to an hour after I get done working out chest because Shoulders/Bi's usually takes me around 45mins.


Yeah its so bad. Your pecs will fall off.


Ever heard of peri-workout nutrition?


Death not a big deal at all. I would suggest some kind of protein or protein plus carb meal 30 to 60 min preworkout. then there is no problem waiting till 45 min postworkout to get a shake. Protein synthesis usually spikes approximately 2 hours postworkout anyways so if you are having a shake at the 45 min marker you are good.


BONEZ217 I appreciate the sarcasm, go leave your smart ass answers somewhere else.


reading this first sentence makes it seem like you're going to workout everything and then have your rest day lol

it doesnt matter at all if you have your shake 45 minutes after your workout. I havent had a post workout shake in probably 6-7 months... I just stopped taking them and started eating a regular meal within 1-2 hours post workout FWIW


No thanks. Theyre fine here.

Actually they belong here until you develop some semblance of common sense and have the common decency to try things out for yourself before asking people (who dont have your body) what works for THEM assuming it may work for you. Sounds like a lot less time could be wasted by figuring out what works best for you.

Its not even like you had a list of possible options. You have like 2 options. Drink your shake at teh same time your having it now or drink it sooner. ummmm yeah. Doesnt require a double blind study with 10k test subjects.


If in doubt and bulking, full big meal an hour before you workout, start workout with a protein shake with whole milk. End workout with a shake.

If you dont do milk, juice. Or something with more calories. Maybe an energy drink, coffee...

If you're THAT worried about the timing, you best be getting enough calories in throughout the other 23 hours in the day, and getting to bed early for some decent rest.

Also, if shoulders and bi's take 45 minutes what the fuck are you doing?


Does he need to drink something during the workout considering a large meal can take up to five hours to digest, let alone the shake and meal you're suggesting to have after the workout>?

It's not bad if he crams all this nutrition in those few hours of the day so long as he doesn't go over a planned caloric allotment for the fay because of it, but it's not like he must eat and drink this damned much around a workout to get good results.


And by the way, some effective workouts can be done in 45 minutes.

Also, your advice is quite vague and can easily lead to over eating.


You're talking about something that the majority on here seem incapable of doing it. That is, trying something without other peoples' approval and being scared to death of something not working.

Usually they'll say shit like, "Well, I just wanted to see, because I don't want to waste time and I want to get things straight coming right out of the gate!"

My thinking: "Well, even if you do something imperfect but still try hard and are consistent, you'll get better results that way compared to thinking and thinking and thinking and posting on T-mag for endless advice, approval and hand holding! And who are these people to think they're so special that they can't afford to fuck around in the kitchen a bit and with their diets a bit and make some mistakes when everyone else has/had to do the same thing also?!"

Also this sort of shit: "Well I don't want to use the search engine or read articles becuase it's easier if I ask here."

My response: "Oh, so you'll rely on US doing the research and spending the time in the gym and the kitchen to find out for you! How nice!"


Sorry to give my poor advice, I take it back.

My advice was vague and may lead to over eating you're right. But personally, when I start to feel full, I wont slam down a load of liquid, I'll just pass. Even if I do plan to split a large shake into two and having half during, half after. I'll just give it a while till I think I could use it again.

I thought it'd be common sense not to bother if you were still that full from your meal - especially when its been previously stated that protein synthesis peaks 2 hours after workout.

Also, I meant 45 minutes is a long time for shoulders and biceps - especially as you're training chest before hand. Unless you're having very very long rest periods, thats a lot of work for small muscles after training a bigger muscle. But again, thats just my opinion.


Oh, especially as shoulders and bi's are supersetted. [If I understood that correctly]


I didn't say your advice is "bad"; it's just vague. There's nothing wrong with drinking before, during, and after a workout.


Same here. Seems to do just fine