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Time Before 2 on 4 off

What would the minumum time off be between one having done an 8 week cycle of test to 6 weeks, deca to 8 weeks, before starting on the 2 on 4 off cycles. clomid and tribex used for 2 weeks after the 8 weeker

I’m not trying to be a smartass, but the minimum time would be zero. That would then in effect extend your 8 week cycle to 10 weeks, give you four weeks off (not enough probably to regain all testicle size lost during the cycle, though sometimes it will be), and there you go.

BTW, contrary to what steroid books say, Deca is at least as suppressive as testosterone, and there’s no benefit, in fact there’s disadvantage, to switching to it at the end of a cycle. The disadvantage is that what you want is to either have androgen levels high enough to give good gains and we accept the price of suppression; or levels low enough (but no lower than necessary) to allow recovery. The middle ground of no or little recovery and no or little gains is pretty pointless.

There’s no avoiding transitioning throught that worst-of-both-worlds middle ground when using injectables, but long half life injectables like Deca make this undesirable period last longer than would occur when using shorter acting stuff: even enanthates and cypionate are shorter than Deca.