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time and progress

I can bench 250 for a single rep (touching my chest, how long do you think it’ll take me to get to 300?

depends on how long you have been training. If not too long, say 6 months, you should have it in another 6 months. eat, train, and play hard.

there are so many factors to consider it would be impossible to say

167 days, 4 hours, 9 minutes and 14 seconds. 6 days if you take Mag10.

I’ve heard of guys going from 275 to 300 overhead in 6 workouts or adding 100lbs to their squat in 4 months (clean) so it could be as little as that if you train the right way. I think if you increase the weight on your working sets 5lbs each week you’re doing ok.

AR, you are obviously a total training newbie. Everyone knows that, according to the Bench Press Progression Chart for All Humans (published by Simon & Shyster, 1997), going from 250 to 300 pounds on a touch-chest movement can be done in one hundred sixty FOUR days, 8 hours, 12 minutes and an indeterminate number of seconds (to allow for individual genetic variation). Please refrain from giving any more erroneous, ill-researched advice on this forum. Sheesh!

If you were my client, I could get you to 300lb’s in 10-16 weeks. Read the article Bone Crackin’ Bench by Don Alessi, and Dave Tate articles.

You’re right Char-Dawg. Mea Culpa. I had the previous edition of the book.

No sweat. Just don’t let it happen again.

Hi. This is Phil Shyster, author of the discused text. Some of you may be wondering why the formulas for bench accumulation have changed since 1997, even though people haven’t changed much in that time. In truth, the laws of physics have changed (mostly during 1998). That is why many weight lifters can lift more now than they could a few years ago, but they still look the same. We attribute this to astrological phenomena, and this has been discussed in the appendix of the new addition. We do apologize that our 1997 version is now mostly obsolete, but you can see that it’s accurate enough {especially for teaching institutions}. As well, you should know that we’ve been working on research since the 60’s regarding this unknown ‘x-factor’ that was mentioned. We find that the variation can increase if the subject is dosed with Gamma radiation. Our best success to date has been Dr. Bruce Banner, we caused his x-factor to be very large, in the beneficial direction. Have a good day everyone.