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Timbo's Progress Report

‘Sup T-Peeps! Seeing that my top dog Nate Dogg is MIA, on vacation, and he’s both my personal Drill Sargeant and Reporting Officer, I thought I’d drop today’s progress report of my fellow brothers and sisters in iron. I hit Chest and Biceps today, and I’m currently doing something with a little 5x5 flavor–basically, I go with a load that’s a 5RM for my first set, but if I can nail a 6th or only manage 4, I set to repeat that for the remaining sets. This is my second week into it, as I took about 4-5 days off following the ole liver biopsy. Prior to that was four weeks of similar training (strength) but was more like 4x4-6. Be forewarned: The current poundages may seem–hell, they are–paltry, pitiful and you may even feel like calling me a weak sausage and throwing me on the grill for the 4th…but they all are relative and represent progress to me…So here’s the deal: 1 Incline Bench Press 130x5-5-5-5-5 (up from 125); 2 EZ Bar Curls 75x4-4-4-4-4, 70x6 (70x5x5 last time); 3 Chest Dips w/ a Dime strapped on x 5-5-5-4-4 (last time was a Nickel x 5-5-5-5-5); Then some higher rep work: 4 Lying Cable Curls 55x12-7-8; 5 Pec Dec 95x12-10-10. Rest for heavy exercises range from 3 to 3.5 minutes and 2 minutes or less on higher rep sets. Like I said, these numbers all represent progress to me…right now Timbo’s feelin’ hella good, in and out of the gym. Another thing that I’m really liking right now is the fact that I’m having FUN! JB pointed this out in his training article, and I think it’s paramount…another thing that’s critical to me is Hard Work…the bottom line is to work hard, to give all that I can, on any given day, at each workout.

I apologize to any of the T-crowd who found this a waste of space or who questions this lil’ T-bro’s integrity and/or T-ness…For any of you who want to drop a Progress Bomb, click the reply button and let’s here wassup!

A couple quick questions/thoughts: Anybody know the name of that Ozzy Osborne rhyme that starts off with the Rat-Eater saying “Aye, aye, aye…”? I just love that one…And I was also wondering what other’s thoughts were on alternating training sessions (weeks) of varying intensities? I guess it would be something similar to good ole TC’s Oscillating Wave…but something along the lines of doing 5x5 one week and then the following week, doing something a little more bodybuilding-friendly, with appropriate rest intervals, set and reps schemes and volume. Thanks for any input, guys.

As Method Man would say - “now who’s the man again”. The poundages look fine and the beauty of 5x5 is usually an improved focus on increasing resistance. Two points though 1> For size, 10-15 reps plus massive eating will blitz 5x5 2> I personally wouldnt use the machines - after a 5x5 bench Ill do 2-3x10: 200 incline, 60 pound semi supinated dumbell decline, and some 50 pound flyes. Similarly, after 5x5 curls Ill go for 2-3x10: preacher curls with 70 and incline hammers with 30 pound dumbells (ya gotta hammer). Im looking a hell of alot more like JMB (with less full bellies) than that fellow in reader mail so Id say its working for me.

Oh yeah, my boy Timbo is tearing up the weights. By the way Timbo, thanks for sending me a piece of your liver. It was quite tasty! LOL! Hey, I may be MIA on vacation this week, but I still have a little access to the forum. So even though I’m working with an old-ass computer, I can still check in now and then. Good job in the gym bro. Keep up the hard work. And stop trying to change things all the time. Your head is always wanting to try new things every week. Give yourself some time with 5x5 and get your strength up. Why waste your time with little bodybuilding movements if you’ll be working out with weights my 2-year-old nephew can lift! So get stronger first, then go back to bodybuilding movements later. Strength=Mass. Don’t let anyone fool you bro.

As for me, I arrived in Massachusettes early this morning. I didn't sleep all night (I was with Staci), and I felt pretty crappy this afternoon. But I did manage to get a nap while laying in the sun. I'll tell you what, the weather was a surprise. I was expecting 80's and 90's. But it was cold today! It's freakin' July! What's up with that? I guess I'm too used to that Florida weather. But I love it! And I'm actually looking forward to heading back home on Saturday. I'm gonna have some fun while I'm here though. I'm going to my uncle's beach house tomorrow. I'll stay there for a few days and attend his 4th of July party. Should be a blast. And it'll give me a chance to do some running on the beach! Hope you have a great 4th of July Timbo, Dre, Whopper, et al! I'll talk to you kids later. This Dogg is about to hit the sack and call it a night! I need my rest for the party week ahead of me!

Hey Timbo. Your training looks fine. Really, I get the feeling you still put way to much importance in your training and not enough into your diet. I could be wrong though. You failed to mention your DIET. Are you still 160 pounds? Your not going to put on muscle with that program if you still are afraid to eat. Are you still trying to bulk up and stay lean at the same time? I’m not slamming you bro, just trying to help

Hey Timbo,I’ve been away for a little while so I missed your whole liver dilema,but Im glad to hear you’re training again,just wanted to wish you well.

JB…I know you’re not tryin’ to lay the smack down on me, bro. Don’t worry, I take all–well most–of what you guys say to heart and know you mean the best. Believe me, I’m getting the ole diet in check. I can honestly say that I’m not bulking in a beast-like fashion, but I’m working on about a Pound o Week (not exactly as outlined in the article, but I feel that’s a good way to go)…I’m employing Massive Eating combos and timing…but I think the most important thing is getting the energy in.?

Dre, baby, yeah! Great to have ya back, bro. Hope you’re hitting it hard and are staying outta the cookie jar:-) And the lady sitch? You should know that I am very partial to heavy DB Hammer curls, and my brachialis just may my most impressive attribute. What are your thoughts on the alternating intensities? Or do you like the mixed madness of both 5x5 and 3x10 in the same workout? BTW, Dre, I forgot to mention my intraset recovery techniques, I think you’d appreciate them and their metabolic function. I know I’ve mentioned them before but you seriously need to give ‘em a go: Stretch and Flex/Pose the working muscles. Either I’m an exception to the “rule” or these techniques can give ya a hella pump working with the big weights! Cause I feel more pumped (muscles, Timbo’s always jacked up) with the lower reps than higher. And, my man, you need to drop some pics on T-mag…cause you’re a friggin’ warrior!

Nate Dogg...wassup, bro! Hella ny-ice surprise, big guy. What's life gonna be like sleeping without your girl next to ya...ya got poontang spoiled:-) Bro, I'm not trying to change things up--well, I guess you could see it that way--just trying to keep things fun, unique and effective...I love 5x5 and I've become addicted to heavy weights. And, to let you know, I'd be working out using the pink dumbbells, so I'd probably be spotting your 4-year old niece...silly Nate Dogg:-) Strength=Mass, hell yeah! Have fun running on the beach...that's the hella best way to run.

Timbo, the workout sounds pretty good. A little different than I was expecting though. As for my workout I’m following Poliquin’s Intermediate bodybuilding workout from his Poliquin Principles book with a few changes… Bascially the reps drop each week on the same excercises. So, I added an extra week and was doing sets of 7 today. And guess what? I went up about 5lbs. for each dumbell excercise and about 10-15 for every other excercise and I’m only doing one rep less than I was doing last week. Sometimes I even did the same or more reps and nothing in my diet or anything has changed. I mean I’m on the anabolic diet, so I really shouldn’t be growin’ too much. For some reason whenever I start dropping by even a rep I can lift a substainly greater amount of weight. Anyone else ever experience this kind of phenomena? BTW, as to that Ozzy song its called “Crazy Train”. Take it easy, -Steve

General ulisses…nice to have ya back, T-bro! Thanks for the kind words and the pat on the ass…I’ve your back too, bro.

Steveroni…I don’t want to confuse or mislead ya, buddy…this was not meant to be a Bear workout…this is the program that I’m following at the moment. I’m still working on this but definitely want to give the Bear a test-drive soon. I’m very familiar with Poliquin and his principles–I’m a Poliquin neophyte at heart:-)–and think it’s great that you’re finding success with the program. Your success is admirable and definitely keeps ya thirsty/hungry for each workout, I’m sure! Keep working hard and moving the big weights. That’s what it’s all about. Are you going to be trying something new soon, seeing that you’re in the third week of the three-week program? Let us know what you’ve got in mind (Bear?)…thanks for the Ozzy info…downloaded that mofo first-thang this mo’nin’!

Timbo, I love Poliquin too. I’ve always had success with his workouts. I’ve had good results with Ian King’s workouts too, but I don’t think quite as much. My next workout after a little time off is going to be GVT2K. I did the original about 9 months ago and had great results. I also did the second phase of the original as outlined in the original article from MM2K. The second phase is a 10X6 program using different excercises like deadlifts instead of squats. After the GVT2K I plan on doing some more high volume in the form of OTS’ Titan Training. One guy outlined essentially the whole workout on elitefitness. After two weeks he gained 5 pounds. Another guy in the 7th week of the program, 8 week program total, gained 4 Kg. Not too shabby. Basically I’ve been dieting with only 10days off every 6 weeks, (unless you count weekends off on the Anabolic diet), since mid Feb. So I haven’t progressed too much via size/strength, but I have progressed at least with strength. I think I may have lost some size, so I’m going on a bulking phase for 6 weeks, which the workouts will consist of high volume work. Followed by a workout in higher intensity. My primary goal right now is more size first and then strength. So, I might do the Bear for the higher intensity workout, or maximal weights. The only reason I might not do the Bear is because I don’t want to go too high on volume after 6 weeks of high volume work. However, I do remember Poliquin saying before that changing from high volume to high intensity every few weeks is only for intermediate athletes. With the athletes he trains he does both at the same time, because regular people can’t handle it or something. I wonder if he meant a more Bear type of workout, or just a lot of microperiodization. I wish I could find it again to see what he meant. So, I don’t depending upon yours and others results on the Bear over the next month and a half or so will determine wheter or not I do the bear or maximal weights. Of course, I just might give the bear a try anyway at that time.

Crazy Train is the name of the song you’re talking about!!
Glad you’re back to hitting the iron heavy. Have you found out the results of your biopsy yet?

Kelly…thanks, big guy. We’re still awaiting the final, final reports from Mayo regarding the biopsy. Thus far everything has come back negative, which of course, is positive:-) Thanks for asking. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist next Wednesday, so hopefully we’ll get some things straightened out.

Steveroni...looks like you've got things mapped out nicely. As far as the Bear, remember it is to be used as a hypertrophy/bodybuilding routine...meaning that it is for size. You may find some increased strength with it as well, but I would think of it more along the lines of high volume rather than high intensity.

Good job man. Liver probs? I love the 5X5 for size, but it hasn’t really done anything for me strength wise. For me 10 sets of 1-2 for strength and staying on the exact training (rest periods, everything) program worked good. I was packing 135 incline bench and 155 bent row last time I did 5X5. I struggle to get 45 up for curls just a few times; maybe that’s why my chins are so weak.

What’s up T-peeps? I hope all of you had a happy 4th of July. I’m back from my uncle’s beach house for the party. It was all good! And I did get a chance to run my sprints. I jogged down to the beach then ran five 50-yard sprints followed by pushups. Some guy on the beach wanted to toss the frisbee around, so I did that for a while. Then I did the unthinkable. I decided to go for a swim in the ice-cold water! I jumped in for a quick swim and ran my cold ass right on out! Then I did some more pushups before heading back to the beach house. I spent the entire day playing volleyball and running around with the kids. And I even went back to the beach in the afternoon to throw some rocks. Yep, I did some of that old-school rock training. I picked up some fairly heavy rocks/boulders and threw those puppies as far as I could. Now that’s a good workout! Needless to say, I woke up this morning and was sore as hell! DAYUM! It feels GOOD! Hella sore hams, hips, quads and calves. I’m loving it. I think I’ll go over my cousin’s house today and knock out a bunch of pullups and some light running. So all is well.

And yeah, I'm missing not having someone to kick it live with at night, but it's okay. Gives me time to actually catch up on some sleep and build up some sexual frusturation for when I get back. I've been talking to Staci all week. So I'll be spending the night at her place when I get home Sat. She wanted me to stay for breakfast and sleep in on Sunday. So you know I'm down for that. ;)

Glad to hear my boy Timbo is kicking it live. Keep up the good work bro. And follow that POW diet! Like I said, you don’t want to look like an actual POW, and this diet plan will help you pack on the mass! So do it up! And keep hitting those weights bro. Get strong my man. I’m looking forward to hitting Staley’s CPT program on Monday. I can already tell that I’ll be making some hella good progress the next three months. Oh yeah! That’s what it’s all about. Alright, I’m outtie. Time to get my ass outside and play. It’s actually nice out today. In the 80’s. So I need to take advantage of it. Climb some trees, play with the kids, and knock out those pullups!

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker’s Man…sorry, bro, had to do it:-) Anyway, I’m having good results and making good strength progress with the ol’ 5x5’er, but I wouldn’t mind some of that size to go with it…but with strength comes size, so I’ll keep liftin’ the big weights.

Nate Dogg…great to hear from ya, bro! Sounds like you’re having a hella great time, so keep at it. And build up that sexual aggression for your biznatch, she’ll be needing it too! As for today, Timbo hit Back and Tris: 1 Semi-Supinated Chins w/5lbs x 5-5-4-4-4; 2 EZBar Reverse-Grip Benches 115x5-5-5-5-5; 3 T-Bar Rows 105x5-5-5-5-5; 4 Cable Pressdowns (V-Bar) 60x12-12-10; 5 One Arm Hammer Rows 45x11-11-11; Another kick-ass session! Feelin’ good, bro, and I’m glad you’re looking forward to hittin’ it up CPT-style next week.

Dre (aka MC Hammer)...do you like to do your hammers w/ the DBs at your side or do you do them across your torso? I've never tried them the latter way but have seen them done that way. How's the lady sitch?