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Dude, it looks like I may make it up to Purdue on Wednesday. I’m about 60% sure on this. If so, will you get me into International, or we going the Co-rec route? Either, if I make it up, will do. Wednesday is chest day for me. I’ll let you know as the day gets closer…SCREEL

Screel, 'sup, my man! Are you only coming up on Wednesday? That’s kinda funny because I have Tues and Wed off from work and was going to head home for a day or two…but, if a fellow T-Bro’s gonna be around, plans may have to be modified:-) Definitely keep me in the loop as to your plans and I’ll check into getting you in International, unless you’d rathe do it up at the Rec. Thanks, bro.

NOOOOO! Don’t go to the co-rec. Go to that dungeon over on Sagamore if it’s still there. (I haven’t been up there for about 2 years- hell, it could have been bought by Ballys). You guys head south any? If you get around Louisville, holler at me.

Infinity…I hope you’re not talking about Newtone, my man. I’m not a big fan. International’s decent and think I could get my boy in there without a prob.

Timbo, I will be coming up to Purdue on Thursday. Bis/Tris are up for me on Friday. If you want, we can work out on Thursday (usually my day off) or Friday Afternoon. Just get wit me and let me know…SCREEL