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Timbo Sheds the Shirt

Reminds me of that pic of Tim Patterson. He too is one ripped dude who’s struggled to gain size. You guys are genetically gifted in the fat loss dept - now go eat something! LOL!

nice site nate- You managed to give a link to everyone of my favorite artciles-you have some pretty hot friends do u know any girls in UMD you want to hook me up with?? YOu also had apicture there were you must have had your body fat at about 8% or so- good work man!!

Thanks for the props my man. Yes, that one picture of me was when I was at 8% bodyfat. And that was a bitch to do! I dieted down, did the cardio and cut carbs out (only for one day, I couldn’t handle it). I’m taking new pics tomorrow. I’m currently about 11-12% bodyfat. I’ll get them posted soon. I could diet down to get leaner, but I really don’t like to cut calories. I like to be able to eat and look decent. I’m not a bodybuilder, I don’t need the super cuts like my boy Timbo, I just want to be fairly lean and look decent while performing better when I mountain bike or take part in other activities. I’m all about that functional strength.

As for any honeys in Maryland, I have a guy friend up there who probably knows tons of hotties. I could possibly find some little “bling, bling” up there for you! :wink:

Thanks, 'Lil 'bro! It’s estimated that ESSENTIAL fat is about 3%. So when I here people give some of these percentages, I say “yea…right…”. But I think you’re the “Real Deal” "Lil 'Bro! Hey…if you feel good and strong…and you like where you are…don’t change a thing!

Nate, be careful. I know Draz personally and he’s been having some issues of personal nature lately. Tell ya, he is one horny mofo these days. Keep Jill away or he’ll literally tear her apart. Don’t forget that he dadlifts double his bw on a regular basis, so he is not to be taken lightly… >:-)

I just transfered here(umd) its actually an amazing school. The only negative or plus is that its all greek life here until you are 21 and i’m 2 obssed with my grades and my hour in the gym to pledge. I figure not drinking isnt the worst thing to happen to me anyways but i’ll figure it out-

Thanks for the tip! I’ll be on the lookout. Also, look for a new pic of Jill in the next day or two! :wink:

Timbo, my main man, the mainstay of T-Men at my beloved alma mater, PURDUE UNIVERSITY. My bro, you are insanely ripped. I’d die for paper thin skin like that. Now all ya need to do is elevate yourself from the scrawny bastards and start packin on some serious beef! You know I got nothing but love for ya Timbo, and I’m just razzin you. I know we haven’t hit the gym yet on my trips to the homeland, but we definitely have to do that. As for your boy Nate Doggy Dogg, my bro, you need to keep a lid on pix like that! You have all the vixenless T-Men here running for, in the words of the Beastie Boys, their best porno mag. I know I’ve been with the Vixen for a looonnng time, but even I’m tempted by those pix of that hot little number. Keep up with great work guys.

Boys, Boys, Boy’s…I bet your mom’s never told
you about Nebraska girl’s huh!!..J/K…Nate doggy-dogg told me to come check out what the boy’s were saying about me so I gotta give some props to Timbo (even though I’ve never met him but looks hella fine on the site) for putting the webpage on here…and second to my favorite boy Nate for putting up with me for so long…and then to all you hottie’s for saying nice thing’s…Nate can’t put my other picture on his website because I had a little too much to drink and it’s not a very good picture…the one he has now is a couple of weeks old…so why go back in the past… ask Nate for my AIM screename if you need to get ahold of me…when I get some more recent pic’s scanned I will be sure to give them to Nate so he can post them on his site…You guy’s are sweet…c-ya!!

Been reading this thread for a while, agreeing with everyone about Jill. Now I see that post by her, gotta say that she is DEFINITELY one awesome girl.

Hmmmm…Jill sure writes a lot like Nate Dogg.

Nate baby…I don’t know if we should take that last response as a compliment or not…maybe I’ve been talking to you too long and your HELLA fine word’s are rubbing off on me…lol but thank’s for all the compliment’s…I’m thinking we should all have one big Testosterone party…I’ll bring the party favor’s and judge the hottie’s killing me with them bodies!! ~ Mwah ~

(Study Break) Wow! Just had to check in…and lo and behold there’s a message from the newest, most popular Vixen on the block…Jill! Thanks for the props and poppin in, Jilly-Jill…Hyok, I was kinda smellin’ the same aroma, my man:-)

Screel…hey, hey, big dawg! How’s the life treatin’ these days? Let me know when you’re coming back, chief…we’ll train, do it up right, and then you can show me how to pack on the slabs of beef, Screely-style.

Lion King…you’re a special T-Bro, my man. It’s always great to get your feedback and read your posts. Keep up the great, hard work, man.

To all the other T-Men/Bruthas…I appreciate all your support and confidence-boosting remarks. It gets hella lonely around here sometimes, and like Cheers, it’s always nice to go to a place where somebody knows your name. Alright, I’m getting way too E-Manish here (as in Estrogenic)…time to go eat something and do some pushups or dips or something.

Special thanks to the Dogg for being such a sport and for being my link to the forum.

Well, I’m finally done updating my web site once again. You will find all new pics of me, so be sure to point your browser here: http://www.atlantic.net/~nathan/weights.htm

By the way, Jill and I do talk alike, and that's just from knowing each other for so long. And I did ask her to check out the forum and post after reading everyone's messages. So that message from Jill was the real deal. Like I said, she's hella cool. Enjoy the new pics! Let me know what you think!

Nate, thanks for the link, Bro. Nice Page. My only concern is that you seem to like your firends too much. You should have at least one like the following example: “This is Todd, he’s a real dick. One day I’m just going to grab him by the throat and pound his face into a cement floor. Friggin’ Todd. What a flabby, ignorant jackass. But I love him 'cuz he’s got the illest weed and for some reason the bitches love the mofo. Shit, if I were him I’d have unprotected sex with the entire cheerleading squad and then take a shotgun to myself execution style.”
“This is Lisa. She’s hella hot, but she talks too friggin’ much and her command of the English language is on par with that of cabbage. Sometimes we get drunk and I watch her hit on frat guys. What I wouldn’t give for a pair of pliers and some duct tape after she passes out in my room…”
Just some suggestions to consider…

"MB Eric: The Jackass Jester of Journalism since 1113."


That was freakin’ hilarious bro! Oh man, if I did something like that, it would bust people up. Hey, I’m sure I could pull one or two bad things about each person, but I’m not going to do that to my friends. Besides, they could easily pull a few bad things on me too! But that is hella funny! You had me cracking up at work! Good thing I have my own office! :wink: Glad you enjoyed the page my man.

Hey Jill baby, I'm glad to see you posting on the forum. You'll have to post more often to keep all the T-men on the forum entertained! You're a sweetheart! I have nothing but Nate Doggy love for you! :)

Hey Eric and T-mag crew, we are having a bachelor party for a friend this weekend. We hired a nude stripper for one hour of fun. You can be sure that we'll be taking pictures. And I will set up a "secret" section on my web site to view them! I'll let you know when it's up! Party Time! ;)

There I was just checking your links out "Right…right…been there…right…that’s a good one…yeah ri…hmm what’s this? Alsscans I’ll give a looksee…(Loading)… HOH SWEET JESUS!..looks over left shoulder, right shoulder, closes blinds…* a light rubbing/clapping noise is heard from Shucky’s room* And the rest of the site is good to…!

Holy shit!!! are you guys anoerexic or something? Damn last time I saw someone that skinny was when they were forcing food back up!. Guys ,guys get some beef on ya, you’ll look better.What do you weigh like 100 pounds?

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I had to show up and give props to my good man Timbo. To coin a phrase from Nate Dogg…DAYUM! Excellent cuts, my man. Porter Freeman would say you’re harder than 3x9 (or whatever it was). Glad to see you had the sack to post your pics, too. Now like everyone says, it’s time to mass it up. If I can learn to do it, so can you. I’m up from 161 to 181 using the Massive Eating plan, and while the abs are gone, lean weight and strength are at all-time personal bests. Nate, would you tell Jill that I’m only 90 minutes away from Lincoln (from GI, but something tells me that I could make it up there A LOT quicker than that if needed-LOL!)

I just have to say thanks to Chris the assistant editor for filling me in on the Vixen baby T’s that I will be sporting when they get them in stock! WooHoo!!.. and the hottie that told Nate he was too nice to his friend’s…that was funny as hell…you guy’s are awsome! Remember to give some love to the Husker’s… ~ Mwah ~