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Timbo Sheds the Shirt

Hey, fellow T-Folk! What’s the haps? I apologize for my sparse attendance lately, but I’m sure you all know how life can call in all sorts of directions. Fear not, I haven’t given up the passion of my life and yours:-) Anyway, just wanted to let you guys and gals know–with the approval of Mistah Moderator–that my man Nate Diggity Dogg has a picture of me posted on his website…just in case you want to see what this lil’ bastard really looks like. Here’s the link: http://www.atlantic.net/~nathan/friends2.htm While you’re there, check out some of the ladies my boy’s got on there! Whew! By the way, this picture is from either June or July, I believe…but the only difference now is that Timbo might be poppin’ an extra vein or cut:-) Don’t worry, T-Folk, I’m workin’ on massin’ up.

all right timbo…we all know you took a pic of clarnece bass and put your head on it…'fess up! seriously, though, you are one r-i-p-p-e-d individual. crazy cuts all over the place. good work!

Whoa! You are hella ripped. Keep up the good work! Wanna take some of my flab away from me? :wink:

TimmmmmAY!!! My tightest T-bro! WHere the f you been, holmes? I miss the old school forum, man. You are one sick ripped F’er. I think our entire “squadron” has got to find a place to chill one day. Nate Doggie-Dogg, all I can say about the rest of your panel is: Can I move into your hood? Lata.

"MB Eric: America's Premiere Primate since 1771."


you look great dude! wish i had those abs! :slight_smile:

LITTLE BRO!!! Are you getting tired of people saying that you are r-i-p-p-e-d? Why are you stressin’ about the mass thing? I bet that 90% of the people on this Forum would be GLAD to donate you some fat (the Lion included!), little ‘bro! With your enthusiasm and attitude the mass will come, so don’t worry about it. Keep up the great work and doin’ what you’re doin’!(By the way…wassap with “The Dogg” and all these fine ladies? Is he paying them or WHAT?)Just kidding…it really seems like the Dogg is probably one of those good friends we all should have…

Timbo, my man! I ought to kill you for posting my web site address! I wasn’t ready to let the forum see it yet! Not until I get my new pics put on there! Now everyone is going to see my “fatty” pics after I put on 10lbs! That’s okay bro, it’s all good! I’ll have my new pics put up soon. I’ll be updating my homepage in another week or two with many new pics of me, my friends and my ITR. Besides, I know everyone wanted to see your super cuts! Like Chris Shugart said to me, “Timbo is so ripped, I think I can see his pancreas producing insulin!”

Hey Monkey boy, if you wanna come play in the Dogg Pound, just swing on by! There’s always room for more in my Dogg House! :slight_smile:

Damn it NATE! All this time and you’ve had a girl at UNL, just 30 minutes away, and didn’t try to hook me up?! Damn! I thought we were tight like that. :frowning: lol

Damn Timbo! You’re cut like a MoFo. You still on the Skip La Cour programs? I’m still eating that oatmeal baby!

Nice shots guys. Don’t let anyone give you shit for not being bloated mass monsters. And tell Jill that a crazy longhaired sumbitch up here in MT says she’s got the goods. I think I need a cold shower after that.

Tek, you are one damn ripped fool. That’s basically how I looked before I started eating enough food and weight training. I was about 6’1 and 130 lbs. and had like no fat (but not as lean as you are). An old pic of me is in reader mail section issue 138. I’m the one with the T-rone car. That was me at about 185-190 lbs. I’m now more like 200 lbs. but if I showed you the pics of me when I was 235 lbs. you would think that it was two different people. Give me a few months and I’ll be back at 220-225 lbs. and I’ll post those pics somewhere. Keep up the work TEK.

Just curious, 'Lil 'Bro…what kind of bodyfat percentages do you have throughout the year?

Nate Diggity Dogg, my PR specialist…my bad, brutha, for puttin’ up the link…I should have dropped an e-bomb on ya first to get the “go-ahead”…I really didn’t even consider it until my main man JB told suggested it. Hope ya don’t mind too much, bro, and check your mail box.

To the rest of the T-Crowd...thanks for all the positive feedback, guys. Part of the equation is bro's like yourselves that keep this fool's motor runnin'. Just like the rest of you, I want monster mass with mega cuts...and I want it now dammit! But we all know--well, I know--that this isn't an overnite extravaganza and I'm in it for the long haul. Patience is a virtue and a pre-requisite in this sport/lifestyle. It takes dedication, hella hard work, a positive mental attitude, focus, drive, and all that other good stuff, thrown into a blender--the same one that you use to whip up those crazy AP and cottage cheese recipes--to get anywhere in this world. You guys bust me up with the "fat-donation" propositions...thanks, but no thanks! And Scottie too Hottie...this is Timbo, not TEK, my man, and you've got some hella good pics goin on, bro. So keep up the good work.

Your definition is outstanding,but you definitely need more size.You proved you can shed almost every bit of fat, and now when you know that, start eating. Try posting another photo in a couple of months. I would like to see your progress. And,Nate D., Jill deserves so much more space on your site. Can you do something about it?

Very cool site and a good example of guys ‘livin’ the life’ to the fullest. It’s refreshing to see some level headed guys with interests that include other pursuits besides ‘mass at all costs’ bodybuilding.

Timbo, man, you are one of the most ripped muthas I’ve ever seen. Excellent work my man.

Nate - all in all a very cool site indeed.

Forget Timbo–le’ts see more Jill!

N. Dogg: Is this where we vote for more Jill pics!!!:)----!!!

Timbo…again, just curious. What kind of bodyfat percentages do you run throughout the year?

Timbo my man. It’s cool bro. I’m just going to hurry up and get my new pics posted. I should have them up by the end of the week if all goes well. So I’ll let you guys know. And I’ll get rid of those fatty pics of me!

Thanks for the props on the site. As for Jill, I see that there is quite a hunger for her. Okay, I have another pic of Jill that I can post. This one is from last fall...when she had longer hair (I liked it better when it was long). She might kick my ass for posting it (not that I would mind!) because it was after she had been doing a little drinking, but it's really a good pic. So I'll get that up there as soon as I can for all you T-bros to check out. I'll let you know once it's updated.

Lion King…quit your roarin’ dammit! This young buck’s trying to study, for the love of God! Just messin, big guy…I apologize for not getting back at ya sooner, but I stay relatively busy and Net time is limited. Anyway, I got calipered by a very experienced and trustworthy trainer a week and a half ago (9/14) and came out at 5.1%. I’d say that I’ve been between 4.5 and 6 for some time now.

Thanks again for all the props and feedback, guys…gettin’ me pumped! Too bad I’ve got an exam in 10 minutes!

Timbo, nice definition, but you’ve gotta eat, man. Take it from a previously skinny guy (6’1” and 130 lbs now up to 205 lbs) just eat everything in sight. You may put on a little fat along the way, but at least people won’t confuse you for a marathon runner.