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Timbo et al.

Hey timbo(and anyone else), I had a question about during-workout-meal, and I remembered you said you take that route and also eat a solid low GI/II meal after the workout.

My question is, is the composition and size of the during-workout-supplement depndant on what type of training you do? Cause I do RR&D-like training and suddenly I thought about not needing that much glucose for it.


During a low-carb cutting phase, I take 20-24 grams of high GI carbs (honey, pretzles or smarties) just before weighttraining sessions that will last 45 minutes or so. I use only BCAAs post-workout with a low GI/II meal 45 minutes to an hour later.

Im a little confused. Are you talking about post-workout nutrition or what you should be consuming during training?

If it is during training…I would stick to a P+C drink. General rule of thumb is to drink half of it half-way through the workout and then drink the other half upon completion. As for solid meals during the post-training hours. I tend to wait 45-60 minutes and eat a solid meal consisting of P+C and another P+C meal 90 minutes later. Not quite sure if that was what you were looking for, but I am sure Timbo will hop on this here thread in no time…;o)