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Timbersports-Crossfit for MEN



So i DVR'd this early morning on espn, and cant help but think this is a mans version of crossfit. Hacking away with an axe, using a chainsaw, and facial hair helps. Anyone else catch this.

I did notice most of the ppl competing were horribly out of shape "looking", however i'd rather compete doing something like this, rather the typical crossfit bs.

Dint know what forum this topic would be appropriate in either.


I watch this on ESPN on Saturday morning and that's in Taiwan!

I enjoy it but I wonder what some Asian people think when they turn on their TV and see that chopping wood is a sport!


i really wouldnt mind crossfit if not for all the bullshit and reebok sponsorship crap


I used to watch those all the time, then at work we would set up our own stock saw comps and climbing races. The chopping events were out though because we were working mainly with hard woods.
No one will get through a piece of oak or locust like they do with pine.


Looks pretty fun


Timbersports is bad ass.

Crossfit is gay.