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Timber’s White Brick Chronicles


History— trained hard from 17yrs old for a good 10 years. Made good gains as a lanky kid and made it up to 260 and stayed there on a plateau - stayed natty. Did a local show early 90’s but didn’t have the size but learned a lot like I don’t wanna compete ha trained off and on from then on

I’m past my prime at 50 now but still giving it hell in my basement gym. I just love to lift.

I take every November and December off training so I can go kill things and eat them…mainly ducks and deer.

Have the normal arthritis in the neck and bursitis in the joints…had a lotta cortisone shots and a couple steroid eperidurals in my neck. Hell im just normal unless I’m cooking eggs.

January 1, 2020 weigh in at 222. My muscles and joints have had a nice break for 2 months and I’m ready but gonna ease back into things so I don’t jack up any joints…higher reps lower weights and more frequency. Added cardio mid month and have worked up to 30 min a day. 5-6 sensible meals or protein portions daily.

January 31, 2020. Making gains and feeling good. Weigh in at 234. Switching program a bit now to a six day rotation with emphasis on my lagging parts, calves and arms. Also now that body is back in the swing of things we will start upping some weight and hitting fewer reps on major body parts. Will still hit cardio hard but may cut back to 5 days a week…thinking on that one still.

DIET- eat clean 90% of the time but I’m not skeered to drink a few beers and eat some real burgers. (No fast food nothing) Lotta eggs and white brick egg whites, lotta chicken and lotta wild red meat. Tuna n cottage cheese. Greek yogurt.

Fish will also be killed and ate as soon as spring gets here. Rice and sweet potatoes…broccoli. Wife has celiac disease so she is gluten free so we eat the same stuff and that’s fine as long as I get my white bricks in haha

To be continued…


Not sure how that got in the middle lol
Can ya tell I’m new here

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Lol! Sounds like the white bricks have been working! That’s all that matters.

I want to make a jest about this not being in the over 35 section but that just served to remind me to finally visit your log but since your profile is hidden: which one is it?

Death Stars I finally moved it up to the training log section section.

Well I’m new and don’t know what the hell im doing so help me out. I’m under 35 in my mind for whatever that’s worth lol
I’ll look into the profile thing…tips appreciated

You’re fine! I’m 51 and have no idea I am supposed to be old. Carry on young man!

P.S. I too am a fan of pen and paper

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Up at 4a with a instant breakfast of white bricks and 30 sec oats. Installing coffee till I jump on the cardio bike for 30. Then it will be hamstrings — leg curls 8 sets, straight leg deadlifts 5 sets. On to quads - deep squats — warm up sets then 4 working sets. Extensions - 8 sets, then a few very wide stance DB squats.

Weekend training went great and got food preps done for the week. Chest training went well yesterday and shoulder joint held up- and ain’t killin me so all is good.

Still waiting for my calf machine from Amazon
Maybe tomorro they say

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I know cardio ain’t the best right before training but I think it’s better than after training. Agree disagree? I’m open to suggestions- but morning is where my training time lies with 2 jobs.

Cardi… what? You mean more reps?

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I do my cardio before I lift because I won’t do it after.

It’s also mentally (and, really, physically) easier to just jump into cardio sooner after I wake up than it is lifting. Then I don’t have to warm up as hard to lift.

TFP - I agree and in addition I wanna eat again as soon as the lifting is complete instead of riding for 30.

Lol CL pretty much. 30 years ago I would have never done any cardio cause I did t wanna burn calories…I guess I’m rethinking things for the next 50 years

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30 cardio then biceps and triceps. 15 sets of each with a mostly 8 rep average…ran outta time for calves plus today the standing calf machine should arrive…hopefully I can assemble tonight and then train calves between beers ha


White bricks n oats at 4…cardio at 5-530 then smashed back w 18 sets:
Pull up
Lat pull down
Low row

Then seated calves x5
Hopefully my dam standing machine arrives today…they say it will

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Cardio for 30
Delts -17 sets, and traps -8 sets.

Calf machine came and I assembled last night. Making my own weights for the calf machine so I’m not moving weights so often.
These will be 80lb Olympic style concrete weights…

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Skull crushers
Reverse push downs
Bench - lock-outs
close grip biceps chins
Rope hammer curls
Reverse inc ez-bar curls
Rope twists

Got the calf machine going and 2 weights are done (aside from painting). Will make more weights over weekend.


Stacked a bunch more regular weights on top of the Fred Flintstone weights and did calves this morning. Good chest training too…keeping everything incline to maintain my jacked up shoulder. Hit 30 on the bike for cardio too. Gonna make more weights today and food prep for the week…


The Flintsones look great!

Thanks! Gotta finish painting them so they look cool now ha…I’ll get bigger calves if they look cool ya know

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