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Tim Sylvia-World Class Striker?


I finally got to see some film of Tim Sylvia, for I have never seen him fight.
Why is he called a "world class striker"? He is quite horrible. Actually it is disturbing. What is the consensus in the states??
I understand now why Jerome Lebanner wants to fight Tim Sylvia, so he can show what a true world class striker looks like.
I am having a hard time getting over this. I was shocked by Tim Sylvia. He seems to be America's answer to Giant Silva, albeit tougher and more coordinated.


Tim Sylvia is called a world class striker because he is one of the better UFC heavyweight strikers. He has hard hands and gets results in the octagon. He is definately not like Giant Silva. GS was a joke and Sylvia holds the belt, big difference. Of course Tim would get the crap pounded out of him by a K-1 caliber striker. Tim would try to bang it out and would end up getting clocked, but he is no joke.


If world class means elite level striking ability, I disagree strongly. He is the UFC heavyweight champion. Whether that equals world class striking skills...no. Yes he has got results I won't argue that, it is the reason that I was shocked though. And I didn't call him a joke. Besidesthe final moments of his rematch with Andre he looked not much better than Giant Silva.


I agree, Sylvia is not a world class striker. Good in HW division, but not world class striker.

Liddell and Franklin I would say are World Class strikers for MMA (never seen them in K-1 rules, would be interesting though).


Le Banner would go through Sylvia like a wet piece of toliet paper. The UFC heavyweight division blows monkey nuts.


He gets that title because he is a striker and the champion. That sortof earns him a nod. I am not saying I agree. He is sloppy, but I still wouldn't want to get in the cage with him.


It's because he's so goddamn tall. If I remember correctly, he did a lot better than last time because he learned how to control the distance with his jab. Arlovski still got inside and knocked his ass down, but then he got a little too excited and left himself wide open, which is where Sylvia KO'ed him. Tough break, I hate Sylvia.


Just watching Slyvia fight makes my knees hurt. His form is terrible.


He also looks like a very big goof.

(I wouldn't tell him that to his face of course. :slight_smile:


Tim Sylvia is not, I repeat, not a World Class Striker. He is just big and hits hard. That doesn't equal World Class. He would get his butt handed to him by a true World Class striker of equal, or even similar size. The truth is that, as someone already stated, his competition isn't good enough to illustrate this point. Arlovski is a far better striker than Sylvia, although I still wouldn't consider Arlovski World Class.

As far as Liddell being World Class, no I'd have to disagree with that as well. Once again, he hits hard, that doesn't automatically mean he's got World Class striking skills. Put him in the ring against a Professional Boxer, or Kickboxer of equal or similar size (who of course doesn't have a glass chin) and he would get annihilated.

Good training,



Oh jesus, Liddel would smash any boxer.


Please clarify, when you say ring you mean in a Boxing or Kickboxing match and not an MMA rules match, correct? If not, I wholeheartedly disagree.


Sylvia's striking is not world class, however, this is MMA...I don't think people give Sylvia enough credit because his skills are sloppy, but his size is a huge advantage that he uses well. Granted, he would probably not be champ in Pride, but to say he would get destroyed is an overstatement as he would probably be able to hang around in the top 5...

Hunt may have an incredible chin, but eating a jab from a dude a foot taller than you will wear you down and cost ya a decision. I don't think he could hang with Nog or CroCop, but he only needs to land that one shot, so I say he would have chance...not even close to be favored in any of those fights, but he'd definitely hang around in those fights.

I give him even odds against Overeem and Verdun just because I don't think either could manage a takedown.


Hate to rain on your parade, but Chuck was the North American Champion for the IKF, WKA, WKC and the USMTA. (kickboxing)


ouch, gotta love research huh.


I beg to differ....


In a boxing match? In MMA he would certainly do fine against a boxer, but in an actual boxing match against a good boxer he would get tooled like a bitch. Boxing isn't MMA and MMA isn't boxing.


I agree, Sylvia is a nightmare match-up for Hunt. The way that Mark can eat damage defies all logic though, and I still he think he would be favored. Fedor would wreck Tim and Nog and Cro Cop would be heavy favorites. I'd also take Barnett and Alex E over Sylvia because they have the size to cancel out Tim's big advantage. Barnett could eat Tim's punches and take him down, Alex is as big as Tim but his hands are on a different level (as long as he can someday learn to decrease his punching volume). Kharitonov could out strike him, Werdum and Overeem I'll take the even odds.

I think the point here is that MMA is too diverse for a guy with an MMA fighting background to develop "world class striking". The only way to obtain that is to train nothing but stand-up, and you can't afford to do that in MMA. Notice that the guys in MMA who do have world class striking like Cro Cop have big holes in their game elsewhere that truly mixed fighters exploit. It's taken a three year crash course in Ju-Jitsu just to get Cro Cop to where he can survive on the ground, and IMO his striking is not as good as it used to be.


Oh no, I thought about this after turning the comp off last night. Liddell would probably be beaten in a straight boxing match. But have you seen how long a boxer lasts in a UFC fight? Usually not even one round. Unless a fighter is thai-boxer they really have no place in MMA.


That pretty much sums it up. He's just big and mean. If you have ever met him, you would see his fists look like bearpaws. The guys that train with him think he's a real dick - really gets off on pounding small newbies around.